Google Reviews for Realtors – Learn how to quickly and continuously get Google Reviews from past clients and other people you know by implementing these methods and services to increase your online presence and lead flow.

When it comes to Google Reviews for Realtors, it’s essential to start now. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Today we are going to talk about how to quickly and continuously receive Google Reviews to keep you out in front of the competition.

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What’s all this buzz about Google and real estate?

If you need to catch yourself up on what Google is doing with the real estate industry, here are a few resources for you. Read our blog on Google Local Services Ads for Realtors, and also enroll in our online course for all the info you’ll need to get started. The online course is only $249, and our subscribers get 20% off! Now, on to learning more about Google Reviews for Realtors.

Asking for reviews from your SOI just won’t cut it

Unfortunately, what you probably learned about getting reviews in the past won’t apply here. Google Review for Realtors is revolutionizing the way we need to approach online reviews. You won’t be able to simply reach out to your sphere of influence (SOI) and ask for their time to review you on Google. That pace is not going to cut it. For every fifteen people you send a review request to in your SOI, you’ll probably get one review. This is normal, don’t get discouraged! But this is why you need to take a different approach to getting Google reviews right now.

Think about it. If you go on Amazon and you’re going to buy some dish detergent, you’ll choose the product with most 5-star reviews. The same is going to apply to people who search for Realtors on Google. You need to get your numbers up really high, really fast. If you think 100 5-star reviews will win your market, you need to think bigger — more along the lines of 1,000.

Why do I need so many reviews?

Local Services Ads (LSAs) are distributed based on proximity, number of reviews, and how often you answer the phone. If you are up against an LSA ad with 5 reviews and you have 1,000, a Google user is more likely to click on the spot, as this is the only information they have to base their decision on. 

You are more likely to get a significant share of the leads if you can achieve 1,000 reviews and continue building them, because no other agent will have the stamina to pass you. (It’s important to note that Google is not verifying some purchases and sales with their reviews at this time. That is likely coming soon, so anyone who builds reviews before that rule takes effect will certainly be ahead of the game.)

Google Reviews for Realtors

How to get Google Reviews for Realtors

We have arrived. It’s the great race for Google Reviews for Realtors! And in this race, it only matters if you get first, second, or third place. There are only three profiles that pop up when someone searches for a real estate agent in their area. And it is highly unlikely that someone will click the “see more agents” button. They’ll choose from the top three, so you need to be there!

Here are the three methods I’m covering today on how to get more Google Reviews as quickly as possible. Note, from here on out, you need to make requesting a Google Review a part of your transactional timeline. These are just three ways to get going quickly right now.

  1. Reach out to your SOI to ask for reviews
  2. Use Convert Local Searches to do it for you
  3. Incentivize your social media followers to leave you a review

1. Reach out to your SOI to ask for reviews

The easiest thing you can do is send out a template email to members of your sphere of influence (SOI) to request a Google Review. You can also send it by text or social media direct message. These methods are better than snail mail because you can provide a live link, making it super easy for the recipient to leave you a quick review.

Like I said earlier, this is fine, and you’ll probably get one out of fifteen reviews you request. On top of this, you must do more to get ahead of the competition.

2. Convert Local Searches: Getting more Google Reviews for Realtors

Convert Local Searches is an affiliate company that we at ICC are partnering with that will help you get more reviews, faster. You will get a discount if you sign up for this service through us:

Convert Local Searches will help you grow your Google reviews through growing your sphere of influence (SOI). Click on the link above and then click SERVICES at the top of the page. You can hop on a call with them to consult and sign up. It’s $149/month or $997 for the whole year. They will help you set up your Google My Business profile, your Local Services Ads account, and assist you in getting more reviews more quickly. Their mission is to get your ranked #1 in your local Google search.

We trust Covert Local Searches because we’ve worked with them and we’ve sent our coaching clients to them for help. This is a great solution for anyone reading this saying, “How can I just pay someone to do this for me? It’s way over my head.” To get more Google Reviews for Realtors and also all the setup help you could need, visit our affiliate link and reach out to Convert Local Searches.

3. Give people an incentive to leave you a Google review via social media

Another popular way for Realtors to get more Google Reviews is on social media. People love giveaways. A simple graphic, like the one below, posted to your Facebook or Instagram is a great way to attract any of your social media followers to leave a quick 5-star review. You can direct message this to your followers, post it to your feed, or you can even mass text it to your database.

Google Reviews for Realtors

Why hustle so hard?

Well, right now, Google Reviews for Realtors is wide open to anyone who wants to leave you a 5-star review. That means you can request reviews from literally anyone. You might not remember this, but back when Zillow started, it was the same way. Anyone could leave you a review. Zillow tightened up eventually, and now you can only get a review from someone you helped buy or sell a house, and you have to prove it. Soon, Google will do the same. The door is open right now and Google isn’t requiring proof of sale yet — but it could come at any time! This is why time is of the essence.

Need more help?

If this excites you but you don’t know where to start, take our online course on Google Reviews. Also, having an ICC coach in your corner could make all the difference. Reach out today for a free consultation call.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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