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What are Local Services Ads (LSA) for Realtors? Our industry is shifting, again, thanks to technology. Once upon a time, Zillow dominated the online lead scene. But recently we have seen a shift away from Zillow — so where do we go next? Why is Zillow going away? How is Zillow going away? Why should we be going someplace else? You’ve got a lot of questions, and so did we. Luckily for you, we got the answers, and we put them all together into an online course for you.

Listen up. Google has announced they’re going after real estate! And the whole industry is about to change as a result. Don’t get left behind. We’re going to tell you why Google Local Services Ads for Realtors is what you should be focusing on right now to keep up.

Just to give you a taste before we dive in … Google Local Services Ads provide high quality leads to you, at low cost. And 50% to 75% of the leads that come through are listing leads!

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Another industry shift: LSA for Realtors

First, let’s talk about why the real estate industry is shifting, and then we’ll delve into how it’s going to impact your real estate business. Even if you already hated Zillow and wanted nothing to do with it, and even if you didn’t rely on online leads in your business, this is still an important shift for you to make.

The door has been opened in a big way as Zillow created a new way to get online real estate leads via their Zillow Premier Agent program. However, Zillow’s stock is trending down, and it is no longer the big, scary monster that it once was. Changes are happening in the industry day to day. You need to be in tune with what is going on and keep your ear to the ground if you don’t want to miss out on the next big pivot in the real estate industry.

About three or four years ago, Google started Google Local Services Ads (also known as LSAs). They targeted the airline industry first. (Have you searched for flights lately? If so, you’re probably familiar with Google’s flight search feature that pops up at the top of the results.) One great thing about LSAs is that they are limited to certain industries (so there’s not as much competition as there is with regular Google Ads.) Now, they are making their move on real estate by using their Local Services Ads for Realtors. If you haven’t heard of LSAs for real estate agents, you’re not alone. It’s new, and if you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the curve!

Google Local Services Ads for real estate agents

Goodbye, Zillow; Hello Google Local Services Ads for Realtors

Real estate agents and brokers have been so worried for so long about the lead shark that is Zillow. Zillow decided that they are going to get into real estate, and that they were going to flip houses in a bunch of markets. They joined a lot of Multiple Listing Services so we can’t say things about them without filing an MLS rule. Fine!

But think of it this way, another brokerage opens up in your market, and their value prop is that they give leads to their agents … that’s nothing new! So, don’t freak out about what Zillow is doing. It’s just another real estate team in your area that provides leads to its agents. Will it negatively affect your real estate business? Absolutely not.

Zillow’s move to providing digital leads has opened the door for Local Services Ads for real estate agents to take over. This is why you need to act quickly. Being in front of this will separate you from the majority of Realtors who aren’t in the know. You have the opportunity to start receiving high-quality listing leads almost immediately.

Sign up for Google Local Services Ads for Realtors NOW

How can you adapt to this change with Zillow? Move over to Google as fast as you can. Learn about LSA for Realtors now. A bigger shark just entered the swimming pool. Google has publicly announced that they are going to target real estate. As with everything it touches, Google is going to change the way that people search for real estate.

Local Services Ads for Realtors
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The first thing you should do is sign up for our new online course. Google Local Services Ads for Realtors – and Additional Online Lead Sources will guide you through the process, step by step. This course will teach you more about exactly what is happening and how to stay ahead of the curve. It will also provide you with insight, insider tips, and guidance on how to optimize your presence on Google, ultimately enabling you to dominate your local market and bring leads straight to you.

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Local Services Ads vs other online lead sources

Here are a few reasons why Google Local Services Ads for Realtors are a big deal.

  • LSA leads for Realtors are relatively inexpensive. At $20-$50 per lead, they are way less expensive than Zillow leads.
  • LSA leads are high quality leads. Much like Zillow, Google is providing a free service to Google users to search for Realtors. There is no forced registration here. Anyone who wants to talk to a Realtor can with a simple click, and they are expecting to get a call back.
  • About 50% to 75% of the leads that are coming through are listing leads!
  • The 30-second guarantee. That’s right — if you call a lead and they don’t stay on the phone with you for 30 seconds or more, you don’t pay for it.

For more benefits of LSA for Realtors, check out our online course. Google Local Services Ads for Realtors will not only walk you through the reasons why LSAs are blowing up right now, but the course will also teach you how to get started.

LSA for real estate agents

Get on board or get left behind

At ICC, we have the privilege of coaching the top producing agents, teams, and brokerages across North America. As a result, we have been able to keep our finger on the pulse of these quick pivots our industry makes. We want to help keep you in the know and ahead of the pack. Just by signing up for Google Local Services Ads for Realtors online course, you’re making big moves for your future business. Don’t get left behind! Sign up today.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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