Real estate agents looking to expand their businesses often view real estate administrative assistants only as additional costs necessary for servicing their clients. However, administrative support can also play a significant role in a real estate team’s income producing activities as well.  Here are a few ideas how . . .

View Real Estate Administrative Assistants as Investments and Not Costs

Agents must ensure that by hiring an administrative assistant the agent is permitted to spend less time on business servicing activities and more time proactively generating new business. This will in turn create income that far outweighs the cost of the administrator.  Real estate administrative assistants should also own all of the income producing duties that they can feasibly take away from the agent as well.  These activities might include providing the agent with names and phone numbers before prospecting calls, adding follow up notes to the client management database, or coordinating geographic farming mailers. So long as an agent increases the time spent on lead generation activities after making an administrative hire, the return on investment should be three to four times that of the cost.

Watch How these Real Estate Administrative Assistants Run their High Volume Real Estate Teams:

Agents Should Work On the Business & Not In the Business

Real estate administrative assistants must own their side of the business.  Human nature often tempts lead agents to cling to many administrative activities for fear of letting go.  As a result, assistants must be empowered to take an ever increasing amount of business servicing tasks off an agent’s desk to ensure that the agent focuses on generating more business.  The two sides of the business must be separated, and it is up to the real estate administrative assistant to completely own his or her side to keep the sales agents selling and producing more income for the team.

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