Learn how to convert real estate leads by adding value to nurture leads and build relationships until clients are ready to buy or sell.

In this virtual mastermind, we talk about how to convert real estate leads. What makes you stand apart from the competition? It all comes down to the value you add for your clients. Are you adding more value than the other real estate agents vying for business?

VIDEO: How to Convert Real Estate Leads by Adding Value

Easy ways to add value

Whether you are working to convert buyer or seller leads, real estate agents can always be adding value to their clients. The most simple and most cost-effective way to add value is to set up your clients on listing e-alerts.

Convert real estate buyer leads with listing e-alerts

You should be setting up all your buyers on listing e-alerts. It is a free service provided by your local MLS. In a market as hot as the one we have right now, it is in your best interest to do this right away. Not only does it keep your clients in the know, it will help you do your job the best you can while inventory flies off the market. Setting up a listing e-alert also gives you a reason to keep in touch with your client.

Convert real estate seller leads with listing e-alerts

This is a great idea, too, because it shows clients what the competing houses in the market are selling. It will also give your client a glimpse into the value of their home and how it may be increasing from month to month. This educates your client on the value of their home, too. Which is great when it comes time to list their home! It does the work for you. This is a great way to convert real estate seller leads.

convert real estate leads

Use the Neighborhood Update Tool for farming

You can use a similar approach to reach out to your geographical farm. We won’t get too deep into farming in this blog, but the same concept of adding value applies here. You will convert more real estate leads in your farms this way. Below we have added a script that you can use to reach out to members of your farm to add value in the same way that you created listing e-alerts for your buyers and sellers above. This script is very very similar to the scripts you would use for your buyers and sellers.

Script for the Neighborhood Update Tool

“Hi, it’s [AGENT NAME] with [REAL ESTATE COMPANY], I wanted to give you a heads up that I’ve set you up on our new Neighborhood Update Tool and would love to hear your feedback on it. My clients really love it. This
tool will really help you stay educated about your home’s value and your neighborhood’s conditions leading up to whenever you are ready to move. It might even help you decide when you want to put your home up for sale!

“Here’s how it works: when one of your neighbors puts their home up for sale, you’ll immediately get an email with all the listing information and photos of the home. This way, you’ll be able to:

  1. Look through all the photos of your neighbor’s homes;
  2. Compare the amenities, features & size of the listings to your own home;
  3. Know the price of each new listing to get a rough idea of the current value of your own home;
  4. See how quickly each home sells, and the prices that they ultimately sell for;
  5. This will give you a good idea of how the value of your home is increasing from month-to-month;
  6. It will also keep you up to date on the [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] neighborhood’s market conditions.

“I really think you’ll find this customer service tool useful since most of my clients already do. But if for some reason you decide that you’d rather not receive these updates, you can unsubscribe yourself or just simply reply to an email and we’ll discontinue it for you. However, I’d love to hear what you think about it first. All that I need from you is to verify that I have the correct home address and email address for you. Sound good?”

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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