Important question: what is going to make a prospective client want to work with you to buy or sell their home?

Think about it: the vast majority of real estate agents have the same basic materials at their disposal. We all have access to the MLS and the same basic marketing tools. We all work for a pretty decent company with a solid brand reputation. We’re all essentially executing the same service: a real estate transaction.

These commonalities are why we’re continually fighting the prevailing myth that “all real estate agents are the same.”

And it is true: we all tend to do the same work. To win more business, you’ve got to figure out what makes you different from the competition. That uniqueness is your value proposition.

What is a value proposition?

This branding term refers to what it is that makes you unique in your field. What is your secret sauce? From a real estate perspective, it’s going to come down to your services and how you execute them. 

Learn more about the value in your difference:

Why know your value proposition?

Real estate individuals and teams with clear value propositions gain a stronger, better-defined business with clear goals. For example, if your value proposition is you deliver exceptional one-on-one service, you’re going to want to convey that message and everything that you do.

Understanding your unique factors will give you ideas on how to market yourself to your prospective clients. Your value proposition is what to highlight in your printed materials and during your listing presentations. Plus, you’ll know exactly how to communicate with new hires, your team, and your community. 

A value proposition doesn’t have to be about money. It can be about your personal characteristics or about the way that you and your team behave in the market. Maybe you specialize in something, like short sales or historic homes. Really, a value proposition is anything that separates you from the crowded field. It will sustain your business through rough patches and cement your brand identity. 

So embrace what makes you special in your real estate market. Use that to elevate your reach and grow your real estate business.

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