Have you ever noticed that the top producing agents in any area typically close far more listings than they do buyer side transactions?  This is because top producing agents know that focusing their efforts on lead generating for more real estate listings is the key to success.  Did you know that an agent can service more than 30 real estate listings with the same time and effort it takes to manage 8 active buyers? So buyers agents attempting to close a high number of transactions practically have to kill themselves to try and keep up agents that are carrying a high number of real estate listings.

Only Lead Generate for Listings

Not to mention the fact that listing agents control all the real estate leads.  Home buyer leads come from listings, and nothing attracts buyers like signs in yards and listings online.  Trying to to find real estate buyers without listings is like trying to chase down an individual bumble bee.  Why not just go to the bee hive?  Real estate listings attract buyers like bumble bees, so top producing agents know to focus all of the efforts on lead generating for listings and not buyers.

Leverage for Lead Generation

An agent’s business generation activities can also create such positive results that available time for lead generating is diminished by the time it takes to service all of the agent’s real estate listings and resulting buyers.  In this case, agents may choose to leverage some of their duties to others in order to continue to be able to generate more real estate listings on a regular basis.  In the video below, top producing agent Simon Guy explains how he has dramatically increased his real estate listings by leveraging showing property to a buyer’s agent and his clerical work to an administrative assistant at the astonishingly young age of 22 years old.  By focusing on lead generating for real estate listings, Simon quickly became one of the highest producing agents in his area without much experience or an established client database.

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