NLP Real Estate Scripts for Realtors – Use these Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) scripts and methods to improve your persuasive communication and real estate sales skills.

Are you using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) real estate scripts to improve your sales skills? Do you even know what NLP scripts are? Today we are going to talk about how the use of these scripts will improve your persuasive communication. It’s always a good time to hone your real estate sales skills!

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Develop your persuasive skills

Scripts, dialogs, and talking points are key as you work to develop your persuasive skills. NLP real estate scripts are part of that equation. You must practice, practice, practice until these techniques become second-nature to you. When you look at a real estate agent that lands a lot of buyer consultations, listing consultations, and seems to be able to negotiate anything they want, it’s because they are highly skilled at these techniques.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has to do with how certain communications interact with the brain. There are certain things that we can do to communicate with people to get them to say yes. And that makes using these techniques essential for every real estate agent!

The Language of Sales

It’s all about delivery. In other words, how you say what you say! And, the different ways you communicate with your clients to get them what they want. Different techniques for communicating include:

We are going to dive into these techniques in more detail later in this blog. But first, let’s get something straight. These techniques are not “evil” or “conniving.” They are actually designed for the powers of good! Often, the misconception is that these skills are manipulative or that we are tricking people with our scripts. Is the goal to get people to do things they don’t want to do? No!

One example of how NLP real estate scripts are used for good would be using them to get someone to do an uncomfortable (but necessary) activity. I work with ICC clients using these skills all the time. Perhaps an agent is not doing the activities they need to do to get the results they want. I can use my persuasive skills to motivate them to do the necessary activities, and get them past their objections. In the end, it’s the agent that wins! And, I become the hero, not the villain.

nlp real estate scripts

NLP real estate scripts, tools, and techniques

Always ask questions to ensure that your client is engaged with you and on board with you. The more questions that you can insert into a listing or buyer consultation, the better! The following techniques, including down-swings, trial closes, and tie-downs provide great examples of what I mean here. Beyond that, embedded commands and mirror and matching are excellent NLP techniques to practice — and then put into practice.


When you are uncertain, confused, questioning or doubting, your statements will follow upswing patterns. When you’ve been trained and conditioned to sound confident, certain, and clear, your statements will follow downswing patterns.

Where are some examples of statements you make where you naturally speak in a downswing? What is your phone number? You answer “332-1256” in a downswing. How tall are you? You answer “5 foot 10 inches” in a downswing. If you were asked what city you were born in, and you have the answer with an up-swing (New York City?), it sounds more like a question. Rightly so, if it’s an answer you should know, and you answer with an upswing, you might elicit some suspicion about your answer. Your vocal tonality is a lot more powerful than you may have earlier supposed.

Trial closes and tie-downs

For more NLP real estate scripts and wording for trial closes and tie-downs, we’re including a great handout that we provide our clients with. These are great scripts to practice.

nlp real estate scripts
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Remember, with trial closes, be careful not to “lead the witness.” You’re looking for general buy-in or areas where the client may need more clarity. “Won’t it be great to have a plan in place?” doesn’t allow them to disagree; they cannot give you a real answer or real feedback that will lead to a stronger close. Trial closes are a bit more inquisitive than a tie-down.

Tie-downs can actually double your close rate on your calls and sales presentations. They achieve this, because they: 1. Prompt response when most prospects are used to a monologue, instead of intriguing dialogue. 2. Serve as small ‘trial closes’ if you’re on the right track. 3. Create a break pattern if you’re not on the right track; the client can speak up once you’ve invited them to.

Embedded commands

If we’d like to be able to influence those we’re speaking with at a higher level, include these commands in your scripts. This is a key tool in your NLP real estate script toolbox. Pay attention to your voice inflection when you say them or the context when we write them (use a down-swing). The fragments below have bolded phrases which are embedded commands. Notice they do not stand alone but are wrapped in a larger conversation or presentation. The more you repeat the embedded command, the more it will influence it will have on the recipient.

  • Do it now
  • Make the call
  • Find your place
  • Set the date
  • Meet with me
  • Run the numbers
  • Partner with us
  • Save your money
  • Don’t risk your deal
  • List with me
  • Sign the contract

Mirror and matching

As a real estate agent, it is important to mirror and match the way each of your clients communicates. You are modifying your personal communication style to match their preference. Again, this is not manipulative! It is all about customer service. Do you really think that communicating with all of your clients in the exact same way would be effective? No!

Everyone is different. By mirroring and matching, you will build rapport and provide better service to each of your clients. Speech rate (fast-talker vs. slow-talker), volume (quiet-talker or loud-talker), body posture, tonality, pitch, and DISC behavioral profile are important factors to consider while mirror and matching.

One of my favorite NLP real estate scripts/tools to use is key word or phrase backtracking. This can be done by using your client’s vocabulary later in your conversation. You need to recall the specific words and phrases that they used and repeat it later. This is a mirror and matching technique that works well because it will make your client feel like you “get” them!

Need help?

For more guidance on NLP real estate scripts and how to effectively learn to use them, make sure to watch the video embedded in this blog. To speak with a coach that can help you learn and put these techniques into practice, reach out to us. We can set you up on a free consultation with a coach today.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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