Discover a simple, and repeatable, way to get more phone leads for real estate. A vast majority of real estate agents spend their time utilizing a ton of outbound methods to increase their reach, including:

  • FSBOs
  • Expireds
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Email Marketing
  • Etc.

However, what if we wanted to reverse the tide, and encourage prospective clients to call you? What would happen if you could get 100 people to call you in day?

There is a way, and it all begins with Value Proposition.

Think about something that people in your market could really use. For example, if you live in the South, what could your prospective clients use that could help them during the intense heat of Summer?

A Yeti Cooler. Something that will keep their favorite summer beverages cold while they lounge by the pool, go fishing, or even during birthday parties.

Now, plan a giveaway based on that item, and get people to call in and register for the giveaway. Here are the steps you need to take to start getting those real estate phone leads.

How to Get the Calls Coming In?

First, create a video, and be as creative as you want! If you use the same sample prize (Yeti cooler), gather some friends at the pool with the prize, film it, and have it edited.

Once you have your video, you’ll space out our outreach strategy a week in advance. A week before the drawing, email your entire database and let them know about the drawing and the prize.

Instruct them to call between a specific window the day of the drawing (i.e. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and answer three questions (more on this later).

Next, share the same video on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media outlet where you can reach your community.

Three days before the drawing, you can send a mass text, and/or utilize a service like Slybroadcast to send a ringless voicemail to everyone in your database.

What Should the Three Questions Be?

So what should you ask people who call you to register for the giveaway? Here are the three questions we used in our video example:

  1. Do we have all of your correct contact information?
  2. Who do you know that we should know that’s looking to buy or sell a home this year?
  3. Have you, or anyone you know, considered a career in real estate?

The first question is essential to any future communications. Remember, you are trying to get more real estate phone leads, so even if they are not ready to buy or sell now, that may change in the future. So, make sure you have their current address, e-mail, and if the number they called you with is different than the number in your database, ask about it.

Asking if they have anyone within their circle of family or friends that’s interested in buying or selling real estate within your community is a great way to receive referrals, build your SOI, and also provides an opportunity to invite them to enter the contest (and capture their contact info).

Lastly, the third question is a great way to recruit team members for your real estate agency, and also demonstrates that you’re interested in more than just making a sale.

Once the deadline is reached, and all of your calls have been submitted, it’s time for the big drawing!

Handling the Drawing

Make sure you live stream the drawing via Facebook or Instagram. For best results, use a kid to draw the winning ticket (if you don’t have kids, borrow one on your team member’s kids) and allow them to announce the winner to an eager audience!

Once the drawing is over, be sure to thank everyone on the live stream, and if you plan on performing this contest again, tell them to stay tuned.

Contact the winner directly, and if possible, ask them to take a photo of them holding the Yeti cooler and if you can tag them in a post as the winner!

Last, but not least, send a message (email or text) to the other contestants, thanking them for participating. Then, just like the live stream announcement, let them know to stay tuned for future contests. This will help you get more phone leads for your real estate company.

What Were the Results? How Many More Phone Leads For Real Estate Did This Generate?

The results of the test in the video were fantastic; however, if you want to learn just how amazing the results were, you’ll have to watch the video to find out how to get more phone leads for real estate!

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