How to Avoid the Trap of “I Only Want to Work With You”

Most real estate agents are seeking a similar goal: selling more real state by closing more deals, and increasing their market share in their city or region.

However, if your prospective and current clients insist that you are their only point of contact, you won’t have enough time in the day to scale your production.

The best way to maximize your production (in the short- and long-term) is by creating the right team around you. By doing so, you create the freedom to close more real estate transactions without having to interact directly with the clients you serve.

What Does an Effective Team Look Like?

Let’s say you want to buy a new car. When you walk into the dealership, do you meet with the CEO of the company?


How does the transaction typically work?

  • You meet with a sales agent, who asks you the important icebreaker questions: what your budget is, type of car you’re looking for, the features you want, etc.
  • After finding the car you like, you’ll usually meet with a finance professional, who will help you with the credit application, and present the various financing options.
  • Once the financing process is complete, a new representative will guide you through signing the contract. Meanwhile, the service team is putting some finishing touches on your new car before you drive off the lot.

Imagine a scenario where the CEO of the dealership met you at the door, joined you for the test drive, handled the financing, the contract signing, and the servicing for every transaction?

This is why the top-producing real estate agents build a team that can provide the ideal client experience for every step of the transaction.

How do You Build the Right Team to Sell More Real Estate?

This may seem obvious, but it all begins with hiring the right people. 

Even though it seems like an obvious solution, it’s something many ICC coaching clients struggle with, and ask for help.

Furthermore, once you hire the right people, they need to be properly trained for their specific role. If any of these pieces don’t fit, then the team won’t work as a cohesive unit, which will limit your production.

This video talks about how you can be selling more real estate with a team.

The best way to summarize the overall goal is through the lens of Value Proposition.

What is a Value Proposition?

When a prospective lead or current client contacts you, or anyone on your team, the goal is for them to feel like they are gaining value from the interaction. 

Whether it’s an inside sales agent, buyer’s agent, office manager, or the boss (you), the entire team has to be on the same page, so that the client completes the transaction or interaction completely satisfied.

Best Resources for Hiring the Right Team

If you need help finding and hiring the perfect people to compliment your real estate business, we highly encourage you to purchase HIRE: The Complete Hiring Process for Real Estate Agents.

For those who prefer a one-on-one consultation, let us know and we will put you in touch with a coach that best suits your needs!

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