Everyone wants their name to be associated with the “It-Team” in their local real estate market. But how do you become the go-to team everyone wants to work for? Coach Brad Baldwin breaks down successful real estate talent recruitment into the two key criteria:

1- What does the team look like for the next ten years?

Stop thinking small. You likely got into real estate expecting to be in it for the long-term, so why plan for the next one, three, or five years? Plan for the whole future. Think ten years ahead. Have a real long-term vision for where the real estate team should go. It’s not a pipe dream but a road map.

To bring in the 10, 15, and 20M producers, you need to think big. These people like to know the plans for their future and yours. You’ll be pitching these prospects on the big picture and your vision. 

Take the long-term dream and draw the organizational chart for what your team will look like in ten years. Find the job descriptions for those roles. Hire with an eye on the future and not the now.

2- Have a value proposition

Just like buyers have their choice of hundreds of real estate agents, so do prospective hirees have of real estate teams. They have dozens of teams they can choose to join, so why select yours? 

It boils down to what makes you special and what you plan to offer no one else does. Maybe it’s education, or a work-life balance, or a high volume of leads. Whatever it is, these values will help you attract the people looking to share in those values. 

Recruiting for real estate

Recruiting people to your team really is not different from recruiting buyers or sellers to your business. They’re looking at “why should I work with you? Are we the right fit for each other?”

Think about what it’s going to take to win over the right prospects. In building the right time, you’ll build the life you deserve and make the vision reality. 

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