News Update: Real Trends released The Thousand which ranks the top real estate agents and team in the US. Do you know where you stand in the most recent Real Trends agent rankings? Did you check the list only to find out agents and teams who sold fewer homes than you are ranked and you are not? This is all too common and if you don’t think the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends rankings matter, you are missing an opportunity. Being ranked by nationally recognized publishers is a valuable marketing tool you can’t pass up.

The Background on Real Trends

Real Trends is a privately-held publishing and communications company that has been offering analysis and information on the residential real estate industry since 1987. Every year, the organization partners with the Wall Street Journal to rank the top sales professionals in the United States by transaction sides and sales volume. Icenhower Coaching & Consulting coaches many agents and teams that rank on this list annually. Find out more about why top agents and team choose us here

Why Real Trends and WSJ rankings matter

Let’s say you walk up to a prospect and tell them, “I’m ranked no. 2 in the county for home sales according to the Wall Street Journal.” Another real estate agent says, “No, I’m no. 2.” The client asks according to what, and the agent answers, “MLS.” Do you know what the prospect’s response is? “What’s that?”

For your average client, the acronym “MLS” means nothing. But even people who don’t track finance and business have heard of The Wall Street Journal. The brand name carries clout. The WSJ has built a reputation of trust with the public that extends beyond its actual readership. 

Even if you don’t cite the WSJ, but instead quote Real Trends, that still carries more weight than an MLS ranking with the typical consumer. Why? Because the public perceives Real Trends as an “independent” reporting firm. It promises an unbiased look. Think about what award carries more weight: “I’m the best agent in [name your real estate agency] for 2019,” or “Real Trends shows I’m ranked no. 2 for sales in this area.” 

People believe, “this person is the best of all the local operating real estate agencies,” regardless of whether or not the local real estate agencies reported their sales numbers. It boils down to perception.

You care about the MLS. Everyone else cares about WSJ and Real Trends. Ranking well here is your chance to obliterate the competition. You win everything because you’re ranked. Prospective clients see your status and think, “That person’s safe. I’m going to trust their business.”

The Secret to Ranking on Real Trends

1- Does your team know how to submit?

This is the first big hurdle. If you work for one of the big-name brokerages, they likely have people working on the process. But if you’re with a smaller brand or boutique agency, chances are no one in your marketing center is handling the submission process. Education is step one. Go to Real Trends’ FAQ to see how to report for Real Trends The Thousand or America’s Best designations. Check back regularly for their additional reporting deadlines for local market rankings. 

2- Check your numbers before submission.

Don’t assume the people working in your marketing center know how to read your green sheet. Find the person/people responsible for the submission. Review the numbers before submission to verify they’re accurate. You’d be surprised how often the reports are riddled with errors. A simple double-check could mean the difference between ranking no.1 and no. 2, and you better believe that matters. 

There could also be another issue with your category. Are you a single agent, team, or group? Sometimes the people working in marketing simply don’t know. It’s up to you to check it and fix it.

If you’re killing it and you know it, you deserve recognition. Don’t underestimate the power of a Real Trends and Wall Street Journal accolade for your marketing. This is an independent affirmation of your skills the public trusts. And trust means everything when building a strong real estate business. 

Congrats to Our Clients Who’ve Made Real Trend’s the 2019 America’s Best Agent and Teams Rankings