Use these Realtor referral program scripts for real estate agents to conduct annual property reviews for each of their past clients by analyzing the values of the properties they own each year.

This time of year is the perfect time to go over Realtor referral program scripts to use when people ask, “How’s the market?” or “How’re you doing?” These questions from friends, family, and neighbors (or even strangers!) present the perfect opportunity for you to lead generate. Today, we are going to specifically talk about how to use annual reviews to offer value to your sphere of influence (SOI) referral database.

VIDEO: Realtor Referral Program Scripts – Annual Reviews

Why provide an annual review?

Especially in this market with prices going up almost 15-20% in the last few years, an annual review is a huge value add for your sphere of influence (SOI). This is a happy conversation to have with someone! You are telling them that their house is gaining value. Everyone wants to hear this, and you get to be the bearer of this awesome news. Most people have heard that the value of their property has increased, but they may not know just how much.

Through your Realtor referral program scripts, you can talk to your SOI and make them self-aware of the value increase of their home. The more you can do this across your SOI database, the more business you will generate. As real estate agents, we are always trying to stay first of mind with people in our SOI. The whole name of the game is how to stay in front of your people. How do you stay relevant and continue to provide value? An annual review is an amazing and positive way to do this. It’s not annoying, because you are helping them.

At ICC, we teach the rule of thumb that you want to have 40 contacts with each of your SOI members each year. If you can find creative (and positive) ways to do this, like an annual review, you’ll be less stressed about “bothering” your people. And they’ll like you (and respect you as a businessperson) a whole lot more, too!

What is an annual review?

Most people see their professionals annually. Whether it’s a doctor, an accountant, a financial advisor, etc., you get annual “checkups” all the time. As a Realtor, you should do the same with your real estate clients — your sphere of influence (SOI) database members. In an annual review, you are evaluating the net worth of the real estate that they own.

Benefits include of an annual review:

  • Make additional contacts for your annual SOI Database Contact Plan
  • Become your SOI member’s trusted real estate advisor
  • Reconnect and rebrand with those in your SOI database
  • Add significant value by providing a market review of your SOI member’s real estate holdings

Now when it comes to Realtor referral program scripts, hang tight. We’re almost there. Below we’ll give you some easy ways to bring up an annual review with your SOI members.

Realtor referral program scripts

Realtor referral program scripts: scheduling the annual review

The use of video conferencing in everyday life has made this part of your job so easy. Apps like Zoom allow you to hold an annual review at the drop of a hat, from anywhere. It also makes scheduling the annual review so easy, because your client never even needs to leave their home! You don’t have to worry about trying to set an appointment at your office.

Set a goal for yourself to set an annual review appointment every day of the week. If you can conduct an annual review with an SOI member four to five times a week, that is amazing. You can have a PowerPoint template ready to go with helpful slides you can tweak and customize. Simply present this annual property analysis presentation during your Zoom meeting and you’ll have an easy guide for your conversation.

But how do you land the annual review appointment in the first place? Here is an easy Realtor referral program script to use in everyday conversation. When someone asks you, “How’s the market?” or “How’s business?” or even “How’s it going?”: Hey! It’s going great! The market is crazy hot right now and home values have gone up so much. We are constantly looking for new listings because they are selling the minute they hit the market. I’ve got so many buyers waiting to buy. (Provide a few examples of recent listings.) You know what, if you have 10-15 minutes this week, I would love to do an annual review with you over Zoom and show you how much your home is worth. You might be shocked!

FREE Download: Market/Neighborhood Analysis Worksheet

In the video, I talk about how to use the Market/Neighborhood Analysis Worksheet. And today, we’re giving it to you for free to use during your annual reviews. Using this helpful worksheet, you’ll find it to be an easy guide for your Realtor referral program scripts. Click the link below to download!

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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