Use these real estate scripts for past clients to contact members of a Realtor’s sphere of influence and conduct an annual property analysis for each of them.

What real estate scripts do you use for your past clients? Today we’re going to talk about one of the easiest ways to stay in touch and provide value to your past clients: the Annual Property Analysis.

VIDEO: Real Estate Scripts for Past Clients – The Annual Property Analysis

Why an Annual Property Analysis?

Think about it. Most people see their other professionals (doctors, accountants, financial advisors, etc.) on a regular basis for a “check-up” or “review.” Providing this “check-up” for your past clients is a huge value add, and you get something in return. Your goal is to make additional contacts for your annual SOI Database Contact Plan. Through providing an Annual Property Analysis, you’re also becoming your past client’s trusted real estate advisor.

The Annual Property Analysis adds significant value by providing a market review of your past client’s real estate holdings. Follow along with the process we have outlined below and use in your real estate scripts as you reach out to past clients.

What information should be included?

Before we dive into real estate scripts for past clients during your Annual Property Analysis, let’s talk about what needs to be included in your presentation.

  • The goal is to show a “big picture to small picture” view of the market. County, to area, to subdivision, to their house.
  • Big Picture: Provide national, state & county statistics by including any of the following:
    • County Market Statistics (YTD)
    • Absorption Rates by Price Range
    • Housing Inventory Reports
    • Quarterly Housing Reports
    • State Association of Realtors statistics
  • From the MLS (now more specific to their neighborhood)
    • Sales and Inventory Report for their Neighborhood
    • Market Monitor (Median Sales Price Graph)
    • Comparative Market Analysis (or CMA)

Who receives an Annual Property Analysis?

This is an important question you may have. Who do I offer an Annual Property Analysis to?

  • Anyone who owns a home
  • Open House guests
  • Those who ask – “how’s business” or “how’s the market”

Practice these real estate scripts for past clients

Step One: “Hi [NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] over at [BUSINESS NAME]. How are you today? Great to hear that. I have a quick message for you…is this an ok time?”

Step Two: FORD – “Before we get to the purpose of my call” … ask a FORD question. For example – “how are things progressing at work?”  (FORD – Family, Occupation, Recreation & Dreams)

Step Three: (Purpose of my call) “[NAME], as part of my ongoing service to you, I try to meet with you once a year and review the value of your real estate holdings.  I’ve actually already prepared a packet of information for you and would like to invite you a quick 5-minute Zoom call where I can show you the new value of your home. When might be a good time for us to get together?”

If [NAME] is too busy to meet, say, “That’s OK. I know you have a lot on your plate right now, so I’ll drop this is the mail to you. It will give you an idea of the market and the value of your property. If you have any questions, will you please give me a call?” Don’t email the packet … use “snail” mail.

Step Four: Circle back with another FORD question. Example: “By the way, how’s school going for [KID’S NAME] this year?”

Step Five: Close the conversation – “That sounds good. I look forward to our Zoom call on the 20th.”

Build your Annual Property Analysis Packet

Now, gather your materials together. You’ve been practicing your real estate scripts for past clients, listed above, so it’s go time! Create a cover page for your packet, and use a presentation folder or binder. Now that we’ve all become so accustomed to doing business over video conference, you can easily put a PowerPoint presentation together. Make a template that you can use over and over again. Once you arrive at the appointment (or start your Zoom meeting), start with FORD questions and listen specifically for change. Now, go over the information with them. Walk through your packet or PowerPoint presentation. It’s that simple, and your past clients will love it.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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