sphere of influenceA sphere of influence referral program is a must for top producing agents looking to sustain ever-changing real estate market cycles with a steady and predictable income.   Members of your sphere of influence referral database should be contacted 40 times per year through varied means of communication for you to stay first of mind when it comes to real estate.   This continuous contact with your sphere of influence referral database ensures that your marketing department always stays open by generating a steady flow of leads.

We diversify our methods for contacting sphere of influence referral database members primarily between e-mails, mailers, and telephone calls. However, sphere of influence contact plans might also include face-to-face visits or “drop-bys”, Facebook and other social media messages, client appreciation events or even the delivery of hand-written notes.  Remember that the key here is quantity not quality, so avoid contact methods that involve too much non-calculated time or expense.  Focus on the frequency of your contacts rather than the amount of impact that any individual contacts may make.  Watch in the video below as ICC Client and top producing agent Mercedes Avila explains how building her sphere of influence referral database doubled her production in a single year.

Building a Sphere of Influence Referral Database

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Top producing agents adopt a convenience store mentality when marketing to their database. They ensure they are “on every corner” for members of the sphere of influence. They are in constant contact and can always be seen. Not only does this keep them first of mind, but it makes them very convenient to reach.

Keeping this in mind, we diversify the contacts through different channels to ensure that we are always “on every corner”.  Plus, spreading out our means of communication with our sphere of influence members prevents us from appearing overly aggressive or intrusive with any one particular contact method.

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sphere of influence

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