Use these 3 variations of our tested circle prospecting letter for real estate agents to generate listings in a low inventory housing market.

Using a high-quality circle prospecting letter will get you more listings. Why is this so timely? At the time of the video mastermind below, we are rolling into another year (2022) of low inventory. This will prove to make listings even more scare, raising demand even higher.

You are going to need to find new strategies to generate listings. Circle prospecting is a highly-effective technique for breaking into a geographic farm. Or, you can use it to do some short-term farming as well. Today we are going to help you out by sharing three of our best letter templates with you.

And, at the end of this blog, you’ll gain access to one of our most popular (and timely) circle prospecting scripts, for FREE.

VIDEO: The Circle Prospecting Letter That Gets Listing Appointments

Farming and circle prospecting

I love farming. You get to choose a neighborhood to farm, which allows you to essentially pick your average price point. In recent years, technology has made this so much easier. Now, you can buy email lists and phone numbers for houses in a neighborhood. This makes it easier than ever to farm a neighborhood.

Circle prospecting is sometimes referred to as “spot-farming.” You are farming around any of your listings or open houses. If you stay with this neighborhood, it is called geographic farming. Another way to look at it — circle prospecting is short-term farming, and geographical farming is long-term.

You can do both! In fact, circle prospecting is a great method to find out where you’d like to farm long-term. You get to test it out and see if you would like to invest in this neighborhood.

Break into a farm with a listing

Without a listing, it’s hard to break into a farm. You need to get a listing first, and then you can use circle prospecting to start off your farm. Circle prospecting is a great way to show off your work.

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circle prospecting letter
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Circle prospecting letter examples

We have several powerful scripts/letters that you can use for circle prospecting that are particularly powerful right now.

Remember, when you farm, it’s a game of touches. Through these circle prospecting letter templates and scripts, you are making systematic touches. You want to switch up the content. Diversify the methods of communication. Alternate between calls, letters, and emails to be most effective.

1. “We have buyers for your house” or circle prospecting letter

There has never been a better time to send this letter or make this phone call. You can also send via email or use a retargeting ad on Facebook. Use a simple script or letter template that tells the recipient that “we have a buyer for your house.”

The royal word is “we.”

This is important. Using the word “we” is powerful. And, it’s true. If you don’t have a buyer for someone, I’d bet that someone on your team or brokerage does. And if nobody in your team or brokerage, someone in your MLS, certainly.

2. “Listings needed” circle prospecting letter

This gives you an opportunity to show potential sellers that you have qualified buyers looking for these specific types of homes. Make it pretty vague so it can apply to more people.

You can send via email and mailer, make a phone call, use a retargeted Facebook ad, etc. Layer the communication so that you are using the same content but mixing up the delivery.

3. “Buyer needs a home” circle prospecting letter

This is similar to a love letter, but written on behalf of your buyer to send to prospective sellers. Not only are you sharing information about how great your buyer is, but you are also evidencing how hard you work for your clients! You are saying, look how great this buyer is and how much they need a home like yours. And, look how great my customer service is!

As with the other two letters, diversify your delivery. Phone calls, emails, letters, Facebook retargeting — the more channels you use, the more mindshare you will buy.

circle prospecting letter

Why these circle prospecting templates work

  1. Everybody believes you. Anywhere you look these days, the media is blasting news about the housing crisis. There is a shortage of shelter.
  2. Right now, people are thinking about selling. We just came out of the holidays after the biggest sales volume year in the history of the United States. We’ve never sold more houses, we’ve never had higher sales volume, and we’ve never had higher price appreciation in one year.
  3. You diversify your contact. By using multiple contact methods (phone, mailer, email, social media, etc.), you are gaining mindshare. People respond best to different channels. If you use these letters and send them in several ways, you will see greater success.
  4. You gain mindshare. Circle prospecting is a long-game. It is a farming method. You plant seeds and harvest months later. It is a game of touches, and these letter templates are quality touches that will gain you mindshare.

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