In this collection of the top 7 ways high producing agents are using real estate video marketing in their businesses, we examine the types of videos agents are increasingly utilizing on their social media networks, in client database emails, on agent websites, at open houses, in listing presentations and through a variety of other existing digital mediums to generate more clients while providing better service.  Because real estate video is one of the most effective means of enhancing search engine optimization (SEO), agents that implement videos in their online marketing are more likely to get noticed by search engines in an age when 88% of buyers begin their search for a house online. The following is a look at examples of the top 7 ways agents are implementing real estate video marketing in their businesses.


Real estate agents must demonstrate that they have local knowledge. They must show that they are experts in their particular locations who understand the subtle differences between neighborhoods, school districts, community events, businesses, organizations and local people.  Plus, buyers search for homes in a particular location, so content that also pertains to that particular location is more likely to be noticed by search engines.


A brief real estate video about the agent and the services the agent provides emailed to a client immediately after an agent sets a listing appointment over the phone can go a long way to enhancing the agent’s professionalism and the client’s comfort level before ever meeting face-to-face. These videos should put the agent in the best light possible by clearly stating the agent’s unique value proposition while allowing the viewer to connect with the agent on a personal level.  This type of video can also be permanently embedded in an agent’s email signature and on their websites as well.


Agents that demonstrate the willingness to use real estate video to market properties for sale can quickly distinguish themselves from the general agent population.  With video capabilities now included on most smart phones, mobile apps like Youtube Capture, and the ease of editing and publishing on Youtube, the process has become amazingly simple.


For a mere five dollars spent on, real estate agents can have creative and entertaining videos made that are great for promoting on agent websites, in email campaigns, on social media channels and in client presentations.


Nothing builds trust and provides credibility like client testimonial videos.  A prospective client’s ability to see and hear satisfied clients increases their comfort level with agents that use testimonial videos.  The more a video captures the emotional experience of the clients the better.


One of the most useful ways for agents to market themselves by coming from contribution is to provide relevant content related to the agent’s business. Not only do these videos benefit prospective clients by educating them about different aspects of the home buying or selling process, but they also serve as ways to promote the agent and the agent’s affiliate partners.


Shooting a virtual tour of a specific community or area is a highly effective way for agents to quickly establish themselves as neighborhood experts.  Include clips of more attractive homes, common areas, schools, shopping centers and other amenities that make a particular community special.  These videos can then be shown in listings presentations, open houses, and as additional media to view with listings online.  Many agents will also use farming videos in email campaigns to the residents and on social media networks.

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