Rankings for the best real estate coach programs of 2023, and answers to some of your FAQs when it comes to real estate coaching.

Are you looking for a real estate coach? Perhaps you’re just trying to figure out if real estate coaching is the right choice for you. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the FAQs of real estate coaching, and we’ll also name the top contenders you should look at as you consider your next steps.

Is real estate coaching worth it?

Yes. The answer here is clear, and you can look to the Top Producers in your MLS for guidance. I can guarantee all of the leaders in your area have a coach. If you are looking to grow your business, you need a coach. Here are a few reasons why.

  • You will save money (and time) in the long run. A good coach will provide you with systems and training that help you learn and grow at a much faster rate than going it alone.
  • You gain expertise in your corner. All of a sudden, you will have a knowledge bank to draw from as you design your business and create a path for growth.
  • No more winging it. Most Realtors are taking it day by day. That’s no way to run your business. A good coach will help you run your business by design, not by default.
  • Accountability. It’s one thing to know what you need to do, and it’s another thing to actually do it. With a real estate coach in your corner, your odds of accomplishing your goals increases significantly.
  • Get skin in the game. If you are paying for a gym membership, you are more likely to go to the gym, right? Same goes for coaching. You are more likely to work on your business and do the difficult tasks if a coach is on your payroll.

Does real estate coaching work?

There was a great Inman survey conducted several years back, and the trends hold true today. If you are considering hiring a real estate coach, the numbers don’t lie.

  • A vast majority of those surveyed saw a high return on investment when it came to hiring a coach.
  • More than 9 out of 10 respondents said their business climbed by 10 percent or more during the first year they worked with a coach.
  • More than half said the increase exceeded 25 percent.
  • Almost 9 out of 10 respondents said their coach contributed to their number of listings.
  • 8 out of 10 said coaching increased their buyer client count.
  • For about 2 out of 10 of respondents, business jumped twofold or more.

How much does real estate coaching cost?

When you pay for a real estate coach, it’s important to understand where your money is going. Here are some important questions for you to ask when you interview a real estate coach.

  • What is included in your coaching package? Make sure you get a specific answer.
  • Do you have the ability to reach out to your coach during the week as well?
  • Does your coach provide you with any supplementary learning materials and systems to propel your progress forward between your scheduled calls?
  • Is there support for training your agents?

But how much does hiring a real estate coach actually cost? The big names in real estate coaching charge anywhere from $300 to $1,500 per month. This is why it’s important to understand what is included along with the coaching, and to know the details about what you are really getting when you sign up.

How do you become a real estate coach?

Different coaching companies have different standards for applying to become a real estate coach. At ICC, we require that you have reached a certain level of production in your own real estate business.

We also require you to be a coaching client for at least one full calendar year. That ensures that you learn a lot about how our coaching program works. You will learn the systems inside and out from a client’s perspective.

Then, you go through a rigorous on-boarding program where we walk you through the back-end of our systems and participate in weekly training and role-play sessions with our team of experienced coaches.

Who is the best real estate coach?

Here is our ranking of the top real estate coaches for 2023, along with a summary on what makes them a viable contender as you make your decision.

brian icenhower real estate coach

1. Icenhower Coaching & Consulting

  • Founder Brian Icenhower is an attorney, a real estate broker, a real estate litigation expert witness, and one of the most recognized names in the real estate industry. He is also an industry thought leader with 10 best selling books, the latest being The High-Performing Real Estate Team.
  • Brian is also a keynote speaker at high profile engagements across the country for top producing teams, brokerages, and associations.
  • ICC is recognized as one of the top 15 real estate coaching companies in the nation, with a 431% increase in sales volume.
  • Offers an extensive Online Learning Center, with over 30 online training courses on everything from social media training, financials, sphere of influence systems, mindset training, and farming. All of these courses are included in the coaching program (or, they can be purchased separately by non-clients).
  • File resource library provided to each coaching client that includes scripts, eBooks, videos, systems, spreadsheets, and customizable marketing materials.
  • Considered to be an “all-inclusive” coaching model that provides support 24/7, accelerating the learning process. You don’t have to pay more to access the training courses or the resource file library. Every coaching client gets access to everything.
  • Free consultation call.
  • All coaches must have met a minimum requirement for their own personal production, have been an ICC client for over a year, and have gone through rigorous training process.
  • Good for high-performing agents or those looking to become Top Producers, leaders of the top teams across the country, and brokers looking to provide value for their agents.
  • Price: $1,000/month for 40 one-on-one coaching calls per year (1-year contract term) and access to all 30+ online courses and the complete file resource library. Programs also available for brokerages and teams.
tom ferry real estate coach

2. Tom Ferry

  • Mike Ferry’s son Tom started this company (see #7 below). Their real estate coaching methods are polar opposites, with Mike being more traditional and Tom having a more modern approach.
  • Bestselling author and speaker with a significant online following.
  • The Tom Ferry method is less aggressive more driven by “cutting edge” technology.
  • The Tom Ferry Success Summit is their flagship three-day event, and the real estate industry’s “ultimate training and networking experience.” 
  • Hires coaches to work part-time.
  • Good for agents looking for a modern and systematized approach to their business. You can follow Tom online to get a feel for the content he offers his followers.
  • Price: Starts at $649 per month.
buffini real estate coach

3. Buffini & Company

  • Founder Brian Buffini founded his real estate coach company in 1996. He is also a speaker and author who travels the world sharing his message of how to live a better life.
  • Trained over 3 million business professionals since its launch.
  • Built an online management system with 10,500 subscribers.
  • “Buffini TV” is used as an online training portal.
  • Hires in-house, full-time coaches.
  • Good for agents seeking a comprehensive business coaching and training program. Also good for newer agents who have a large SOI.
  • Price: Starts at $499/month for 6 months at 2 calls per month, and includes marketing materials and a subscription to ReferralMaker CRM. One-on-one programs and group programs are available.
kyle handy real estate coach

4. Kyle Handy

  • Kyle is a real estate coach and trainer, and leads an expansion team of nearly 200 agents across North America.
  • Preaches to get “off the Realtor hamster wheel.”
  • Training program is called the “Kyle Handy Dream Team” and he provides his “partners” with access to all 5 of his online courses, an eXp branded landing page, and access to the Private Dream Team Community. You apply online.
  • The Kyle Handi Real Estate Training Academy offers 5 online courses at $97 dollars each with training topics ranging from YouTube to lead conversion. He also offers eXp specific training courses.
  • Good for: eXp agents looking for community and one-on-one training.
  • Prices and terms not listed on his website.
sherri johnson real estate coach

5. Sherri Johnson

  • Sherri is a dynamic, high-energy real estate coach who specializes in agent management and brokerage coaching and consulting.
  • Former top-producing agent, manager, and regional VP with a national top 3 independent broker.
  • Known for taking agents from $0 to $6+ million in year one.
  • Helps successful agents reach over $50M in annual sales.
  • Led 700+ agents and managers with over $1.5 billion in annual sales.
  • Good for new real estate agents (or those who want to significantly grow) who already know they have what it takes but need the guidance and direction of an expert who’s been there.
  • Price: 3 program tiers to choose from: $575/month, $995/month, and $1,395/month.
harris real estate coaching

6. Harris Real Estate Coaching

  • Founders Tim and Julie come with the experience of being top-producing agents who transitioned to coaching in 1998.
  • Authors of HARRIS RULES, Your No-BS Practical Step by Step Guide to Finally Becoming Free, a #1 best selling book.
  • Hosts a popular daily podcast.
  • Offer NAR designations and certifications.
  • Good for agents who like the “tell it to me straight” approach as motivation. A good way to see if their style fits your needs is to buy their books and listen to their podcast.
  • Price: Ranging from $100 to $1,010 per month; lots of options.
mike ferry real estate coach

7. Mike Ferry

  • Considered one of the “classic,” old-school real estate coach models for sales techniques, training, and motivation.
  • Coaching program includes one-on-one coaching, multimedia devices, books, workbooks, reports, retreats, and coaching seminars — even morning telephone calls.
  • Founded in 1975, Mike Ferry is one of the oldest and most trusted coaching programs in the business.
  • Hosts the Mike Ferry Production Retreat, tickets starting at $425.
  • Good for those seeking the “traditional” coaching method without too many bells and whistles.
  • Pricing: $650/month for 40 one-on-one coaching calls over the course of a year.
craig proctor real estate coach

8. Craig Proctor Seminars

  • Founder Craig Proctor was the youngest #1 agent two times (named by RE/MAX). He was also a top agent for over 20 years.
  • He is a legend in real estate, recognized as a top real estate coach in the U.S.
  • The cornerstone of the Craig Proctor model is Reverse Prospecting; a system where qualified leads come to YOU.
  • Craig is also known for his SuperConference, which trains agents on hot topics that range from lead generation, to time management, to marketing.
  • Good for agents who may want to first explore the webinars and virtual trainings before diving in.
  • Price: No contract terms listed. Bootcamp Webinar is $89 and Virtual SuperConference tickets are $189.
jay kinder michael reese real estate coaches

9. Kinder Reese Real Estate Coaching & Training

  • Founders are Jay Kinder and Michael Reese, and they were included in the INC 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.
  • Agents can have a free Clarity Coaching Call before joining.
  • Kinder Reese clients can expect to learn how to implement repeatable systems for everything from leadership to lead generation.
  • Three “path” options: Kinder Reese University (online training courses), Kinder Reese Coaching (one-on-one training with Jay Kinder), and Kinder Reese Events.
  • Good for agents looking to follow in Kinder and Reese’s footsteps, gain expert mentoring, and learn how to scale their real estate business.
  • Price: One-on-one coaching program is $1,297/month with a 1-year commitment.
dale archdekin smart inside sales

10. Smart Inside Sales

  • Founder Dale Archdekin is also the former Director of Marketing and Lead Generation for a mega team at Keller Williams. He was also a top producing agent. Before he left KW, he had doubled his team’s sales in 3 years.
  • Focuses on lead conversion by developing high-level ISA systems.
  • Agents can expect one-on-one calls with their real estate coach, live role-play sessions, call archive libraries, scripts, and group support for everyone from solo agents to ISAs and mega teams.
  • Good for agents looking to utilize high-powered ISA systems and grow their lead pipeline significantly.
  • Price and terms are not available on their website.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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