Learn how to use a real estate agent dashboard to help track lead generation activities, hold agents accountable, and motivate them to perform more income-producing activities. 

Using a real estate agent dashboard is a game-changer. At Icenhower Coaching & Consulting, we coach all of our clients to use a dashboard to track lead generation activities, keep themselves accountable, and provide the motivation needed for growth. In today’s webinar, we are talking about SISU, a real estate tracking software company. SISU is a great example of a tool you can use as your dashboard, integrated with your CRM, to provide you with better analytics and tracking for your business.

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VIDEO: How to Use a Real Estate Agent Dashboard Using SISU

What to track on your real estate agent dashboard

You should be tracking Activity Based Indicators (ABIs) as well as Results Based Indicators (RBIs) on your real estate agent dashboard. Here are examples of ABIs and RBIs to track:

Activity Based Indicators (ABIs)

  • contacts made
  • appointments set
  • database members added
  • open houses conducted
  • content written
  • social media posts made
  • direct messages sent
  • social media ads run
  • recruiting appointments set

Results Based Indicators (RBIs)

  • gross commission income
  • total sales volume
  • units closed
  • listings taken
  • contracts written

A real estate agent dashboard integrated with your CRM

Tracking all of these metrics can be time consuming. You might worry about keeping track of your numbers. That’s why a tool like SISU is so valuable. Once you connect it to your CRM, a lot of this tracking is automated.

For example, if you have an app for your CRM, it likely tracks your calls, texts, emails, etc. that you send to your Sphere of influence (SOI) database members. When you connect your CRM to SISU, it transfers over this data and records it in your real estate agent dashboard in SISU.

real estate agent dashboard

Using a real estate agent dashboard for your team

This is huge. When you use the real estate agent dashboard for your team, you create an environment of accountability and healthy competition. A tool like SISU allows you to show, for example, the performance of each buyer’s agent on a team.

This is a great way to encourage all team members to enter their numbers. If they know that their numbers will be shown against the other buyer’s agents numbers at each team meeting, you can bet they’ll get better about inputting their numbers.

The data provided on a team dashboard will help team members work harder and team leaders lead better. As a team leader, you can see the data all in one place. You can provide better mentorship, guidance, and coaching when you can see the data so clearly. And, you can keep your people more accountable.

Free download of the ICC Team Huddle Agenda Formula

Like a sport’s team that gathers together on the field or court, in your daily, bi-weekly, or weekly huddles, the team will strategize, regroup, rally, encourage, plan your next play, and push each other to go above and beyond. 

“Growth Huddles Are Team Meetings Done Right Fast, to the Point, Effective,” The High-Performing Real Estate Team by Brian Icenhower

If you’re running a real estate team (or, if you are a member of a real estate team), weekly team meetings are a must. We call these important meetings “growth huddles” — and they are different from the stereotypical team meeting. You’ll use your real estate agent dashboard at each growth huddle. Today we are giving you a free download of the Team Huddle Agenda Formula.

Team analytics plus transactional/administrative support

Back to SISU! We already talked about how SISU provides a powerful real estate agent dashboard tool. It also provides the necessary programming for your administrative assistant to use on the transaction management side of things. That means your listing-to-contract and contract-to-close checklists can be added within SISU.

This capability helps so much with passing the baton from team member to team member throughout a transaction.

Again, if you want to learn more about SISU, be sure to use our affiliate link to get the ICC discount.

Why real estate agent dashboard visuals are important

At ICC, we coach our clients to learn the DISC behavioral profiles. These profiles can help us understand the best way to communicate to different people, whether that be our clients or our team members. Most real estate agents are high D or high I, or both. If you aren’t familiar with DISC, here’s an article that will break it down for you.

Because most Realtors are high I, they need a dashboard that is visually appealing. They want to see how they are doing versus the other agents on the team. Yes, a basic Excel spreadsheet will work just fine as a tool for creating your real estate agent dashboard. But, if you want to keep your high I agents engaged, you need something more visual, like what SISU provides.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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