What’s Holding You Back From Growing Your Real Estate Business?

Your best asset to grow your real estate business is between your ears.  A strong mindset equals a strong business. But we can easily sabotage our growth.

Every real estate professional reaches the point where they simply cannot do any more work. They start feeling overwhelmed with their business, and they don’t know what to do next. Cut clients? Never the answer.

Maybe they’re considering growing, but the idea of hiring and expansion is overwhelming, especially if you’ve never run a business before. We’re plagued with questions. How do you know when to grow your business? If yes, what are the first steps?

Feeling like you’re being pushed in a hundred different directions is actually a good thing when you have the right mindset. It’s easy to feel afraid of the next steps, but with a willingness to release some of your control and simply try, you can accelerate your business.

The idea of letting go to grow

Start by thinking about your business goals. Chances are, to achieve those goals you’ve got to let go of some of the tasks you are holding onto. Do you really need to spend time entering information into the MLS?

ICC Coach Brad Baldwin gives a great analogy of what it means to “let go” to become more profitable in this video.

Creating a growth mindset

At every point, businesses reach a junction. It’s at this point that we can either throw in the towel or push through. It’s during these times of decision-making where we can really sabotage our own growth by overthinking. We make excuses. We find ways to avoid taking action.

It’s easy to spout inspirational quotes and talk in positive terms. What’s it going to take to make you act?

We know that everyone is driven in different ways. Some people love deadlines, others love ticking boxes off a checklist, and others love treating themselves to a cup of Starbucks. 

Find what it is that is going to motivate you to get through that hump and keep growing. For some, it’s having a mentor or a coach to talk through the obstacles and give some accountability. 

Change is scary, but it’s necessary to keep pushing forward. Do set aside some time for self-reflection on what it’s going to take for you to create the right mindset. Write down your goals and create an action plan. Create an accountability system. And then do it.

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