FARM Audio Workbook

farm audio workbook

You’re here to download our FARM Audio Workbook.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying FARM: The Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Farming Neighborhoods. Here is the workbook/resource material to accompany the audiobook.

Learn the best geographic farming strategies, tips, and scripts

After you download the FARM Audio Workbook, you can start working to develop your farm, or, you can continue your training.

Check out our FARM: The Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Farming Neighborhoods online course.

Included in the FARM online course

This guided online course will take your real estate farming skills to the next level. You will be guided step by step through in-depth training and high-level video content. You’ll find yourself learning more quickly provided with the assets and resources to get to work immediately.

What is the ultimate goal? To become the neighborhood real estate expert of choice.

In this FARM course for Realtors, you will learn the systems that real estate coach Brian Icenhower implements with many of the top producing agents in the world. Learn how to to create steady and predictable sources of commission income from strategically targeting geographic neighborhoods.

You will walk away with geographic farming business generation strategies, techniques, scripts and resources to build this pillar of your real estate business. You get some of this with your FARM audio workbook, sure, but the online course has so much more to offer.

As with all ICC courses, video training, downloadable pdf workbooks, strategies, scripts, and systems are all laid out for you. You’ve already enjoyed the audiobook, and downloaded the FARM audio workbook. Take the next step to become an expert-level real estate farmer.


Because you downloaded FARM Audio Workbook

If you enjoyed the FARM audiobook and the FARM audio workbook to accompany it, here are a few more of our best-selling resources. 

Coaching for real estate farming

How much would it help you to move your business forward with farming if you had a coach with expertise in this area? Your FARM audiobook and FARM audio workbook can only take you so far.

We have seen our clients succeed faster and at a higher level. Why does coaching work?

We pair you with an ICC coach that can meet you where you’re at. If you’re working on developing geographic farming as a pillar of business, we are going to pair you with an ICC coach that has been there and done that at a high level.

So, you’ll get invaluable first hand advice from an experienced coach, and you’ll also get something that every real estate agent needs. Accountability.

If you’ve been considering hiring a coach, take the leap today. At least sign up for a free consultation. There’s no risk, and if we’re a good fit, this could change the game for you.

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