If you want your next hire to be talented, please understand that the likelihood that this person is already waiting on your doorstep for a job is slim. Top real estate teams understand that it takes time and effort to make a great hire.  Just like with business, you will need to proactively look for talent. Accept that this will take time away from your existing business.

“Before bringing on my transaction coordinator our real estate team met with over 35 applicants and conducted 12 behavioral assessments over the course of a few months before ultimately making the hire.”Larry Harper of The Harper-Bishop Team – 273 homes sold in 2012

Agents will often sacrifice talent to hire people they already know because a proven commodity isn’t as likely to produce undesirable surprises later. This is why it is important to ascertain as much information about prospective applicants during the recruitment process itself. The video above illustrates how real estate teams “Go 3-Deep” when checking applicant references, a useful method for assessing the talent of a potential candidate for your team.

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