Learn the needs analysis script & talking points top real estate agents use to unlock client motivation to buy or sell a home.  This step-by-step  needs analysis process allows agents to demonstrate a higher level of customer service by uncovering the needs of their clients while also tapping into client motivators that get them into immediate action.  Before examining the specific needs analysis scripts and steps below, watch as Brian Icenhower explains how to conduct a needs analysis in this video.

Needs Analysis Step 1:  PLEASURE

The first step in conducting a needs analysis requires agents to learn what pleasure their clients will get out of moving into a new home.   Whether they are moving for more living space, to be closer to family or to get into a better school district, agents must come from curiosity by asking a series of questions to completely unlock the “why” behind the move.  Understand this is not about what the agent has to offer in a value proposition.  Instead, a true needs analysis begins with a thorough line of questioning to uncover all of their client’s motivators.

In order to fully unlock client motivation, it is imperative to tap into the emotions they will experience after they have moved.  How will being closer to their family make them feel?  How will that change their quality of life?  People can’t say NO to their own goals, so it is essential to ask the extra questions to bring the emotion behind their goals to the forefront prior to making important decisions regarding the sale or purchase of a home.

Needs Analysis Step 2:  PAIN

What happens if your clients are unable to move because they are unwilling to make necessary repairs or price their home correctly?  Many agents will learn why a client wants to move, but few will walk clients down the path of self-discovery necessary to determine the pain that will result from a failure to take specific actions.  Understand that people move away from pain much more quickly than they move towards pleasure, so pain is often what gets them into movement.

needs analysis scriptNeeds Analysis Step 3:  WEIGH ACTION vs INACTION

Ask them to make the decision here. What is more important to them, the pleasure they will receive from moving or the pain that will result from inaction? Remember, if they author it they will own it, so it is imperative that they self-discover their decision through questions.  A way to ask this question might look like this:

“Remember that I work for you, so all I can do is provide you with information and let you make the important decisions.  So what is more important to you, saving the $10,000 price reduction to get the home sold or being able to move closer to your family?”

This helps them frame the issue and makes their decision very clear.  They are able to self-discover their own denial and quickly make the choice that is in alignment with their goals.


Needs Analysis Step 4:  HANDLE OBJECTIONS

Experienced real estate agents know that objections are typically just excuses for clients to avoid the uncomfortable actions that stand in the way of reaching their goals.  So the key is to isolate the objections and weigh them one-by-one against the pleasure they will receive from moving.  So if clients express that they “don’t want to give the home away”, simply ask them: “What is more important to you, being closer to your family or not having to give the home away?”  Repeat this with each objection to show how each basis for inaction is not in alignment with their reasons for moving.

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