Learn the internet lead follow up methods, response times and number of attempts that real estate agents should make to convert inbound internet leads from online listings and agent websites into clients.  The key to successful internet lead follow up is to respond rapidly and repeatedly.  Agents that have success converting internet leads follow two very important rules:

  1. Respond within the first 5 minutes of receiving the lead
  2. Nurture & follow-up with leads 9 times over 9 weeks

As shown in the infographic below, the vast majority of internet leads go cold after the first five minutes of receiving the lead.  Further, if often takes six to nine attempts to contact the lead before before a successful relationship is initiated.

Internet Lead Follow Up:  Response Time & Contact Attempts

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Internet Lead Follow Up Conversion Methods

Once an agent has made contact with an internet lead, it is essential to be systematic with follow up activities.  The use of tested lead follow up scripts that come from contribution by offering customer service at the outset of the relationship is the key to moving them forward towards buying or selling a home.  Before taking a look at some of the internet lead follow up scripts provided below, watch our agent panel reveal their top lead follow up methods in this video.

Internet Lead Follow Up Scripts

Use the following real estate agent scripts to conduct regular lead follow up phone calls to offer prospective clients customer service in advance of buying or selling a home.


Are you thinking about moving? When can we set up an appointment to start getting ready?


Most of my clients tend to spend too much money in the wrong places, and I am more familiar with what buyers are looking for.  So how about we schedule an appointment for me to do a quick walk-through of your home so you know where to spend money and where not too?


What if I swung by to help you get a list together of what needs to be done around your home? I also have a list of trusted professionals that might be able to help you save some money and time if you need a hand. Would that be of benefit to you?


What if I helped you with getting your home looking ready to sell?  I work closely with a great stager to get your home looking just right.  The last thing I want is for you to worry about that right now. Would you like me to have her come out to at least take a look around?


What if I set you up on a property search so you can start shopping for homes online from the privacy of your home computer now? I can input all of the criteria you are looking for in your next home (ie.- size, location & amenities) so that you can see all the homes listed by all of the agents in our area that are currently up for sale.  In addition, you will be alerted of new homes that come on the market as quickly as real estate agents know about them. How does that sound?


Since you want to start shopping for a new home, would it help for you to know what your monthly payments would be depending on the sales price of each home you look at?  Or even how much money you will need to put up as a down payment?  Would it be alright if I had my trusted mortgage lender contact you to help you out with that?


In researching the comparable sales activity in your area I noticed that some homes have recently gone up for sale and some that have sold that may impact the appraised value of your home in the near future.  Since it’s my job to keep clients informed about material facts concerning the sale of their homes, would you mind if I quickly swung by to keep you up to date? 


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