Learn how to use a pre-listing package before conducting a listing consultation appointment to increase listing conversion rates.  Use the pre-listing package content and strategies that top real estate agents use to stand out in competitive listing situations.  Not only does delivery of a pre-listing package in advance of an in-person listing consultation appointment evidence a higher level of customer service and professionalism, it helps speed up the actual listing presentation and sets proper expectations.  Before examining the pre-listing package content and strategies below, watch as our panel of top producing agents explain how they use pre-listing packets in this video.

Pre-Listing Packet Contents and Strategies (2)Pre-Listing Package Content:

  1. Agent Biography – Should be the first page behind the cover of your pre-listing package.  Start building the relationship here by showing your experience, community involvement and your unique value proposition to demonstrate what sets you apart from other real estate agents.  It’s also a good idea to describe your local community involvement and some personal information about your family and interests.  This helps them get to know you and feel somewhat connected to them before ever meeting in person.
  2. Examples of Homes You’ve Sold –  Put your best foot forward here by using homes that you’ve sold in the price range and location that you want to be known for.  This is also an opportunity to show off your marketing materials by presenting the homes on templates for various property flyers, online ads, print advertisements and etc.
  3. Testimonials from Past Clients – Illustrate the high level of customer service you provide and your ability to sell homes quickly at close to listing price.
  4. Marketing Plan – Explain what you do to get homes sold fast and for the highest price possible.  Whether you hire a professional home stager and photographer, make outbound phone calls to prospect for buyers, or hold strategic open houses,  layout the details of your marketing plan so that they know you are a pro-active agent that works to get homes sold.
  5. Strategic Partners/Vendor List – Include the names and contact information of the vendors that can assist clients with the sale of their home.  Ensure sellers that you can hold these companies accountable to the highest level of customer service and fair prices since you recommend their services frequently.  Please see our real estate vendor database list for more ideas on this topic.
  6. Checklist for Preparing a Home for Sale – Give them this list of ideas and tasks to get them into action before putting the home on the market.
  7. Explanation of the Home Selling Process –  Provide a detailed timeline of the steps it takes to move from listing to contract and then contract to closing.
  8. Local Market Data – Provide updated market data to give them a general idea about prices, inventory levels, days on market (DOM), and sales in their local city or community.  These are general statistics not specific to their neighborhood.  This is not intended to show them the value of their home as a comparative market analysis (CMA) would.  A CMA should only be provided at the actual listing consultation in person.
  9. Local City & Community Information – Show that you know how to market your local area. Most of this information can be found on your local Chamber of Commerce website or on entertainment and travel sites.  Show the community’s best attractions: sports teams, landmarks, restaurants, shopping districts, schools, entertainment, arts and etc.   Use attractive photos, narrative and statistics.  This content can also make your pre-listing package suitable for use with relocation companies and organizations looking for an agent to help them with recruiting prospective employees like hospitals and large national companies.
  10. Listing Consultation Homework – Often included as a separate letter or attachment so that it stands out, this is a list of things for sellers to have ready prior to your actual listing consultation meeting with them.  The list should include filling out any mandatory sellers disclosure forms, providing a key to their home and gathering copies of HOA documents, mortgage statements, title paperwork and etc.  If you arrive at the listing consultation and you see these items on the counter, you can feel confident about your presentation a move quickly towards getting the home up for sale.

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