Use these real estate team listing presentation scripts and methods to show the value of hiring a real estate team in listing consultation appointments with home sellers.  In competitive listing appointment situations where sellers interview both real estate teams and solo agents to determine who is best suited to represent them, listing specialists on real estate teams will often be forced to overcome seller objections about being “passed on” to other members of their teams.  They may even encounter concerns about a lack of customer service and personal touch since teams may be perceived to have far too many sellers to handle and homes to market.

In fact, these seller objections may go unstated and never be mentioned at all.   This is why it is essential for listing agents on real estate teams to proactively raise these issues in listing consultations by addressing customer service as a value added by the different members of the team.  Plus, setting proper expectations about how various team members will be working for the sellers to provide better service prevents clients from feeling “handed off” later.  Before checking out our real estate team listing presentation scripts below, watch as Brian Icenhower interviews a panel of three top producing lead agents to learn their real estate team listing presentation scripts to deliver the value of a team to clients in this video.

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Content

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Scripts

When using  the real estate team listing presentation scripts below to show how customer service and marketing efforts will be significantly enhanced by listing with your team, it is equally important to introduce the individual members of the team to clients at the outset of the relationship.  This can be accomplished by providing sellers with individual biographies containing contact information and photos for each team member that they will be working with in the listing presentation packet or brochure.  It is also a good idea to provide a brief verbal explanation of the job description for each team member to clients as well.

More sophisticated real estate teams create a team pre-listing video that introduces clients to each team member and is emailed to prospective clients prior to the initial listing presentation.  This initiates a personal relationship with the clients prior to ever meeting in person.  It also evidences the degree of customer service, marketing capabilities and technological expertise that the real estate team can implement in the sale of a home.  These extra efforts smooth the transition of clients from team member to team member throughout the transaction.  Please also check out our Real Estate Team Delegation Scripts to further help with these transitions.

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Scripts

Use  these real estate team listing presentation scripts to show the value of hiring a real estate team while proactively addressing common concerns about customer service.

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Script #1

“So if I gave you one agent to sell your home or five agents agents to sell your home for the same price, which would you choose?”

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Script #2

“When you bought or sold your last home, was there anything you weren’t pleased with to make the transaction go smoother?” (they typically have some type of prior issue to respond with) “You’re not going to have that problem with me since I have the time to be focused on you because of the support of my team.” This is also an ideal time to point out how specific team members are in place to prevent certain issues.  For example, prospective clients that had communication issues with their last agent might be relieved to know that a transaction coordinator will call weekly to provide updates on showing feedback, transaction developments, and marketing efforts.

Real Estate Team Listing Presentation Script #3

“My team likely works like your family does.  Do you do everything yourself or do you divide up duties among family members?  For example, do you split up chores with different family members taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning, working to bring home income, doing yard work, and etc?  Well that is how my team works too.  We each specialize in the tasks that we enjoy and are best suited to perform.  This way we can provide you with the best service possible.  This way you get six people working for you for the price of one.”

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