Like all Icenhower training books, FIVE: Components of Organizational Growth training manual is for those real estate agents wanting to move from a mere real estate practice to a systematized real estate business with the control and mastery of your results. In today’s world, stagnation is equivalent to death. Opportunity is all around but with that comes opportunity to fail. It may seem discouraging to some, but this idea has driven some of the most successful businesses in the world.

In this book, we hope to help you avoid stagnation and begin to enact meaningful growth in your organization. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, influence, wealth, or size, FIVE will lay down the fundamental steps to significantly affect change in your organization.


  • This Product Includes

  • The Five-Week Book Club
  • SMART Goals
  • How to Perform a Pareto Analysis
  • The Transaction Timeline
  • The 4 Key Accountability Questions
  • Creating Your Dashboard
  • The DISC Behavior Model
  • How to Hold a Huddle
  • + So Much More