Learn how to hire real estate assistants, administrative staff and sales agents with this systematized process that will serve as your hiring operations manual long into the future.  If you’re considering hiring a new real estate agent or team member, you need Brian Icenhower‘s new ebook!

The right hire can help your business grow, reduce your workload, and be worth every penny of their salary. Hire the wrong person, and not only will they cost you time, money, and continuous headaches, you’ll have to replace them and go through the entire recruiting process again. The solution? HIRE: The Complete Hiring Process for Real Estate Agents.

For physical copies of Brian’s Hire book please purchase via Amazon.

  • This Product Includes

  • Applicant Denied Email Examples
  • Administrative Assistant Job Descriptions
  • Buyer’s Agent Job Description
  • Showing Assistant Job Description
  • DISC Charts
  • Phone Screening Interview Worksheet
  • In-Person Interview Worksheet
  • Reference Check Worksheet
  • Administrative Assistant Offer Letter
  • Sales Agent Offer Letter
  • ISA to Sales Agent Offer Letter
  • New Employee Information Card
  • + So Much More