Brian Icenhower

SOI: Building a Real Estate Agent’s Sphere of Influence


Like all Icenhower training books, SOI: Building A Real Estate Agent’s Sphere of Influence training manual is for those real estate agents wanting to move from a mere real estate practice to a systemized real estate business with the control and mastery of your results.

Building a Sphere of Influence is the key to a thriving real estate business; in this book, I share the successful tactics and tricks that will transform your real estate company.


Regardless of your specialty, location or client base, we’ll explain how to systematize your approach to SOI : Building A Real Estate Agent’s Sphere of Influence and employ the tried and tested way of taking back control – or grabbing it perhaps for the first time – of your ability to generate a predictable number of Closed Transactions month after month. We’ll show you step-by-step how to grow your results year after year, and do it with no gaps in productivity or slumps in transaction activity, as you approach your business’s SOI Referral Database like a master.

If you’re ready to be more than an “average agent” you need to employ the tried and tested ways of the nation’s Top Producers for always having an abundance of prospective buyers and sellers lined up – people who know who you are by name and ‘brand’, who come to you first to list their property or to show them their next new one.

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