New Agent Blueprint

A course for newly licensed agents. Kickstart your real estate business!

Designed for all learning types

Video Training

In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brian Icenhower.

Written Modules

Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.

Course curriculum

Enrollment includes access to the following course materials for 2 years

  • VIDEO: How To Create A Real Estate Sphere Of Influence List
  • Workbook: Updating Your Database & Asking for Referrals
  • Daily Contact Form (fillable)
  • SOI Member Contact Form (fillable)
  • SOI Update Database Script
  • SOI Update Database Script & Ask for a Referral
  • VIDEO: How to Set Up Your CRM
  • SOI Call & Text Contact Cycle
  • VIDEO: Your SOI Contact Plan
  • Workbook: Your SOI Contact Plan
  • My SOI Contact Plan
  • Sample Contact Plans
  • Sample Plan #1: The Basic
  • Sample Plan #2: Giving to Get
  • Sample Plan #3: Social Butterfly
  • Monthly Mailer Topics
  • VIDEO: How to Grow Your SOI
  • Workbook: How to Grow Your SOI
  • Script: Update Database & Ask for Referral
  • Script: Asking for Referrals
  • VIDEO: Your SOI Means Business
  • Workbook: Your SOI Means Business
  • Who Do Know from These Industries?
  • Who Do I Know From These Industries Worksheet
  • Who Do I Know From These Industries Spreadsheet
  • Real Estate Vendor List Template
  • Newsletter Templates by Month
  • SOI Update Database Script
  • Social Media SOI Direct Message Script
  • Script: Referral Business Partnership I
  • Script: Referral Business Partnership II
  • Script: Follow Up After Referring a Client to a Vendor
  • Script: To Contact SOI to Grow Vendor List
  • VIDEO: Time to Get Social
  • Workbook: Time to Get Social
  • Personal Facebook Direct Message Script
  • Social Media Calendar STAY Strategy for Content
  • How to Create a Friends List on Facebook
  • VIDEO: Facebook Business Page
  • Workbook: Social Media Profile
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business
  • BONUS HELP: Adding Essential Information to Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Description Examples
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Professional Cover Image for Your Facebook Page – PART 1
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Professional Cover Image for Your Facebook Page – PART 2
  • BONUS HELP: How to Use Canva Tutorial
  • BONUS HELP: How to Find Royalty Free Images
  • BONUS HELP: Stock Photo Download
  • Facebook Cover Templates
  • Keyword Research Toolkit
  • Keyword Examples
  • Successful Facebook Ad Examples
  • VIDEO: Open Houses
  • Workbook: Open Houses
  • Resource: Open House Prospecting Activities
  • Resource: Open House Feedback Form (Printable)
  • Resource: Positive Need Affirmation Sandwich (Fillable)
  • Graphic: Open House Timeline
  • Open House System Checklist (fillable)
  • Open House System Checklist (editable)
  • VIDEO: Listing E-Alert Updates
  • Workbook: Listing E-Alert Updates
  • Script: Neighborhood Listing E-Alert Email Drip
  • Script: Geographic Farming Listing E-Alert Email Drip
  • Script: Seller Lead Listing E-Alert Email Drip
  • Script: Buyer Lead Listing E-Alert Email Drip
  • Listing E-Alert Campaign Promotional Ad (fillable)
  • VIDEO: Time Management & Tracking
  • Workbook: Time Management & Tracking
  • The Top-Producing Realtor’s Daily Schedule
  • Sample Weekly Calendar
  • The Erase and Replace Rule
  • Graphic: The Eisenhower Decision Matrix
  • Daily SOI Contact Form (fillable)
  • Lead Tracking (fillable)
  • SOI Member Contact Form (fillable)
  • VIDEO: Google Local Service Ads
  • Workbook: Google Local Services Ads
  • Quick Tip: 3 things that make you appear more frequently for Local Services Ads
  • Online Lead Source Funnel
  • Quick Tip: If you are struggling to get locations verified
  • Asking for a Review
  • Asking for a Google Review Template
  • Leave Us a Review Social Media Template
  • Google Review Request Email Template
  • Example Video: Reviews Request
  • Online Lead Referral Sources
  • VIDEO: 2 Week Assault Plan Explained
  • Workbook: Online Leads & Prospecting
  • Mastering Lead Follow Up – Infographic
  • The Sales Process – Infographic
  • Should I Keep Trying – Infographic
  • They Didn’t Answer – Infographic
  • Converting a Prospect to a Client – Infographic
  • 2-WEEK ASSAULT PLAN For Making Initial Contact with Online Leads
  • 2-Week Assault Plan Phone Call Scripts
  • 2-Week Assault Plan Text Scripts
  • 2-Week Assault Plan Email Template Scripts
  • 2-Week Assault Plan Video Email Scripts
  • 2-Week Assault Plan Facebook and Social Media Scripts
  • VIDEO: Online Lead Follow Up Plans
  • “I’ll Do You One Better”
  • VIDEO: Buyer Presentation
  • Workbook: Buyer Presentation
  • Buyer Questionnaire & Lead Sheet
  • Pre-Buyer Consult Video #1 Script
  • Buyer Consultation Video Script
  • Scripts for Presenting the Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement
  • Handling Objections to Signing the Buyer Agency Agreement
  • VIDEO: Listing Presentation
  • Workbook: Listing Presentation
  • Seller Lead Sheet
  • Price Reduction Graphic
  • Listing Consultation
  • Pre-Listing Consultation Video Scripts
  • Pre-Listing Video #1 Script
  • Pre-Listing Video #2 Script
  • Pre-Listing Video #3 Script
  • Pre-Listing Video #4 Script
  • Pre-Listing Video #5 Script
  • Virtual Listing Presentation – Luxury Theme
  • Virtual Listing Presentation – Classic Theme
  • Listing and Closing Checklists
new agent blueprint online course

About this course

Is New Agent Blueprint right for you?

New Agent Blueprint is more than a simple online course. It is a training program designed to rapidly grow your real estate business. New Agent Blueprint is right for you if:


"I use ICC systems, the Online Learning Center, and the coaching program to coach and train my team of over 30 agents. I use the ICC dashboard systems to keep my entire team accountable for their activities and set proper expectations."
Jake Rockwell
Over 500 Units Sold Annually
"I have coached with ICC for over five years. ICC has helped me quadruple my luxury business through marketing strategies so that I receive listings and sales through lead generation and multiple pillars of income."
soi audio workbook
Dennis Adelpour
Luxury Agent - West Los Angeles
"When we started coaching with ICC we worked all the time with some degree of success. Now, seven years later, we have grown to have the #1 market share in our area, we more than tripled our income and production, while also improving our work-life balance to enjoy our personal life with family and friends."
recruit audio workbook
Tammi Humphrey
#1 Market Share & 100 Million in Annual Sales Volume



Brian ​Icenhower.

Like all Icenhower training courses, I created New Agent Blueprint for new real estate agents wanting to accelerate their career and make the choices that will ultimately propel them toward steady growth and success. 

If you are here, thinking about signing up for this course, likely you are in the process of building the foundation of your business. Maybe you don't know where to start. Or, maybe you thought you'd have more support at your team or brokerage but feel alone, and you're looking for guidance.

Regardless of where you're at in figuring out your next steps, we're happy you're here. This course starts with the basics and builds on proven systems that will help you find success. 

We’ll show you step-by-step how to build your business, and then continue to grow your results year after year.

Growth starts here.

Like all ICC coaching programs, New Agent Blueprint incorporates the strategies and tactics used by successful real estate agents and top performers from across North America.

This online training program offers a proven path to success and includes step-by-step instructions.

Talk to a coach

If you’ve been considering hiring a coach, now’s the time. Book a FREE coaching consultation session with your purchase of this course!
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