Real Estate Administrative Assistant & Transaction Coordinator Training System

real estate administrative assistant training bookGet the book ADMIN to learn & implement complete real estate administrative assistant training systems for real estate team administrative staff members and even for solo agents looking to systematize the administrative sides of their businesses.  Train your administrative assistant the right way and you’ll have more time to focus on being a rainmaker while maintaining a balanced life.  Having someone back in the office can help you amplify your sales potential. You’ll find that you can focus on generating business, following up on leads, conducting appointments, and writing offers/negotiating contracts  — all things that create more income.

Once you’ve hired an administrative assistant, the next step is to invest in their training. Showing any new employee how to take the reins can be overwhelming and a little scary. This tested real estate administrative assistant training process will quickly educate and empower your new hire to own the administrative and transactional duties of your real estate business.

The Real Estate Administrative Assistant Training System for Agents & Staff

real estate administrative assistant training book

ADMIN shows you exactly what your new real estate administrative assistant must know to keep your office operations running smoothly so you can meet prospects and take care of your clients.  This nine-chapter real estate administrative assistant training system not only identifies the four key roles of a real estate assistant, but it also breaks down the precise workflows when serving as a listing manager, transaction coordinator, marketing director, and administrative manager.

Whether you’re an agent learning how to train your assistant, an assistant looking for your own training process, or you’re both reading through these materials together, this book provides the explanations and concrete examples of best practices in real estate offices so you don’t have to.

(BRIAN’S PHOTO HERE) Brian Icenhower is the author of several business performance training books and is the CEO & Founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC).   ICC has established its elite status by consulting many of the real estate industry’s top performing agents, teams, and brokerages in North America.  The principles contained in this book are taught & implemented by every member of the ICC coaching staff with many of the top real estate agents and teams in North America.