Learn this system for building and cultivating an agent referral network composed of out-of-town real estate agents in different areas across the country to receive more client referral business.  Top producing agents know they can maximize the business they receive from their spheres of influence (SOI) through systematized contacts over time.  Further, increasing the number of client referrals is as simple as adding more people to an SOI while increasing the frequency of contacts with SOI members.

The same is true for developing a successful real estate agent referral network.  It’s not enough to just meet agents at industry events and conferences or have a lot of agent friends on Facebook.  A successful agent referral network must be purposefully grown and continuously contacted much like a client database.  Watch top producing agent Jennie Wolek reveal the details of her agent referral network system in the following video:

Jennie Wolek’s Agent Referral Network

The Real Estate Agent Referral Network System

1.  After first meeting an out-of-town agent:  Write note & include your business card.  Put the agent in your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) database campaign.  Also add them as a friend on Facebook.

2.  Send branded color postcards in the mail quarterly.  Include a testimonial review from a past referral agent that also helps cross-promote the past referral agent.  Also include an image of a map pointing out the names of cities and areas you serve.

3.  Add the agent to email campaign and send 2 agent-focused emails per month.  Come from contribution and provide agents with value.  For example, send them different ideas on generating business with tips from TheRealEstateTrainer.com.

4.  Invite the agent to your private Facebook group composed of all of the members of your agent referral network.

5.  Make 2 telephone calls to each agent referral network member per year.

6.  On the agent’s birthday, send a birthday card and call them on the phone.  Note: their birthday is established once they are friended on Facebook.

7.  Mail them a happy holidays card in early December.

8.  Give referring agent a $5 Starbucks gift card when a client referral is initially received.

9.  During the transaction, copy referral agent on all weekly status update emails to the client.

10.  Send agent a “Thank You” card with referral commission check after a transaction closes.

11.  Follow up with a “Thank You” telephone call to referral agent after closing.

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