The best way for agents to generate real estate leads on Facebook doesn’t cost money and doesn’t involve frequent posting about real estate business either.  Instead, successful agents use this powerful social media tool as a means to interact and come from contribution with their Facebook friend’s posts on a regular basis.  They listen and respond rather than talk and hope for a response.  The more they stay in contact with the people they know, the more they are likely to generate business from their Facebook friends in their sphere of influence (SOI).  Mega Agent Lisa Archer attributes a large part of her success in selling over 600 units over the past 2 years to a system she has developed to increase her engagement with people that she has grouped in different Facebook friends lists.  Before we examine this simple system on how to generate leads on Facebook in detail below, watch Lisa explain the process herself in the following video.

How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook with Lisa Archer

Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook with Friends Lists

Grouping Facebook friends into lists with categories like preferred vendors, SOI, past clients, referral agents across the country and etc. helps ensure that you can easily engage with your friends’ posts on a daily basis.  Facebook puts only the posts that you interact with the most at the top of your news feed.  Typically real estate agents interact with the posts of different local agents and other people that are equally unlikely to give them business.  This puts the wrong people at the top of agents’ Facebook news feeds and hides the people that will actually refer them business far down at the bottom.  Spreading friends out in different lists helps you see everyone’s posts so that you can like, comment or connect with them offline to stay first of mind.

Use the 5-5-5 to Systematically Help your Friends

Facebook lists also provide a great way for agents to come from contribution and be helpful.  A simple “happy birthday”, “congratulations”, or “how have you been” are always appreciated and never intrusive.  Additionally, offering assistance helps you be a connector for Facebook friends that need referrals for home improvement, entertainment, dining, community information or anything related to their personal needs.  This will also show the importance you place on customer service and helping others.  As a result, your online presence will provide a sharp contrast from agents that use Facebook just to repeatedly ask for the business.  The graphic below illustrates how agents can implement a daily 5-5-5 excercise for each Facebook list they create to systematically generate real estate leads on facebook.

generate real estate leads on facebook

generate real estate leads on facebookClick here to learn how to transfer your Facebook friends to your client database management system to further build relationships and stay in better touch with them through emails, mailers and telephone calls.


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