Download this FREE real estate business plan template now and set yourself up for success in 2024.

This real estate business plan template will help you make 2024 the best year yet. Why? Because it keeps things clean, clear, and simple. Today we are not only giving you a real estate business plan template as a FREE DOWNLOAD, but we’ll help set you up for success.

The real estate business plan template GUIDEBOOK

The High-Performing Real Estate Team is a book that is making waves in the real estate industry. As an Amazon best seller, The High-Performing Real Estate Team teaches how to use the 1-3-5 business plan. In this book, Brian Icenhower outlines not only how to go about constructing a healthy business plan, but also walks you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure that you (and your agents) follow the plan throughout the year. 

It all starts with one viral, annual goal at the top of your business plan. Then, you pick three key focus areas that support that one viral goal. Finally, you outline five objectives for each key focus area.

real estate brusiness plan template

But are your goals SMART?

One thing that The High-Performing Real Estate Team book emphasizes is that your viral goal must be SMART. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. When you use your real estate business plan template, make sure your viral goal passes the SMART test.


Specific – All goals should be clear and specific. If a goal is too general or vague, you will struggle to find concrete efforts to focus on or motivate yourself to take action. 


Measurable – When it comes to setting specific goals, however, we highly recommend setting concrete, numeric growth goals. For a goal to be effective, it must be measurable. This will help you stay on track, and the most efficient and straightforward way to measure something is in numeric units.


Achievable – Of course, your goal should also be achievable and reasonable. Is selling 100 homes in a year achievable? Of course it is, depending on the size of your team. And, again depending on the size of your team, 200 or 400 might be completely achievable too.


Relevant – Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs? Is your goal actually relevant to you? For a goal to be relevant it must make sense and align with other goals you’ve set for yourself. 


Time-bound – Every goal needs a target date so that you have a concrete deadline to focus on, and something to work towards on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Time gives you a means for plotting your progress and determining if you are ahead, behind, or on the predicted track to achieving your goals. 


Take the next step and get a coach in your corner

Need help knowing where to start with your business plan? An ICC coach can help you not only create a business plan that is built to work, but they can also hold you accountable for whatever uncomfortable activities you’ll need to do to reach your goals.

Why the one-page real estate business plan template?

Keeping your business plan on one page is more important than you may think. At first, you may be under the impression that bigger is better. We have all heard the phrase, “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars!” However, this isn’t necessarily the best practice for constructing a good business plan.

First of all, remember our one viral, annual goal must be achievable (the “A” in SMART). If your goal is too lofty, you may feel let down or demoralized if you don’t reach it.

Secondly, keeping it down to one page ensures that you are focused and not rambling.

Finally, if it fits on one page, you are more likely to read it, re-read it, and post it somewhere that you can look at it daily. Multi-page documents are clumsy and less likely to be read ever again. We recommend your business plan be posted at your desk, or somewhere you can view it easily every single day. You should take pride in this plan! It’s your roadmap to a successful year.

FREE DOWNLOAD of the one-page real estate business plan template

As a holiday gift from all of us at Icenhower Coaching and Consulting, here is a free download of our famous 1-3-5 one-page real estate business plan template. We’re going to give you all three versions: the solo agent version, the team version, and the broker/owner version. Something for everyone!

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