Use these Realtor scripts for buyers waiting to buy a home to create urgency, get them into action, and protect their best interests.

Today, we are going to talk about Realtor scripts for buyers who want to wait.

As real estate professionals working in a volatile, shifting market, we must find ways to create urgency. You are seeing interest rates move around, uncertainty about where home prices are going to end up, etc. The natural, knee-jerk response from humans in uncertain times is to pull back and wait it out.

Lots of buyers are saying that they’d like to “wait and see” what happens. 

So, let’s dive in and talk about what you can say as a Realtor to get your client thinking logically about their choices, and increase the urgency.

VIDEO: Realtor Scripts for Buyers Waiting to Buy

Realtor scripts for buyers: establishing urgency

A lot of real estate agents have a hard time with applying pressure because they start to feel like a salesman. They don’t want to push too hard. They get uncomfortable.

It’s important that you understand that this is not what we are trying to do here.

If someone is looking to buy real estate, I firmly believe (for many reasons) that buying now is smarter than waiting.

You must believe that your client buying real estate sooner rather than later is a good idea. And your client must also believe that putting their life on hold is a bad idea. 

Realtor scripts for buyers: show, don’t just tell

Below, I’m going to share with you a graph that I share often. It’s called “Median Sales Price of Houses Sold for the U.S.” and it shows that regardless of small blips here and there, sales prices continue to climb over time. It always goes up. 

If you share this graph with your client, you can easily demonstrate, with hard data, that waiting for prices to come down is not wise. Plain and simple.

Realtor scripts for buyers

Realtor scripts for buyers: educate your clients

Every single year, it’s the same. Most markets experience seasonality with home prices. And, it’s true that the median sales prices goes down during the winter months, usually because this is when luxury homes are not listed for sale. Luxury homes typically have the ability to wait until the prime time for selling, in the spring and summer. Fewer homes on the market and more lower-priced homes cause this to happen.

It’s important to share this with buyers!

You as a professional need to get behind the idea that sooner is better. You need to believe it yourself if you hope to teach your clients about it.

So, when your client says that they’d like to wait until after the holidays to buy and sell, or they would like to wait until after the kids graduate … you need to have your own buy-in. You need to know the Realtor scripts for buyers and believe it, too. That’s the only way you’ll be able to share the facts and educate your clients.

You as a professional need to get behind the idea that sooner is better. You need to believe it yourself if you hope to teach your clients about it.

Brian Icenhower

Realtor scripts for buyers: this is your DUTY

Think about it this way. You are a professional, and it is your duty to give advice to the clients who are paying you for your help.

If you were a doctor, you would have the duty to tell your patient that they have lung cancer. It’s not fun. It’s awful and you know your patient is going to be very upset. But, it is your duty. It’s what you signed up for. As a doctor, you are in the business of helping your patient, and part of the help is the truth.

In a similar way, as a Realtor, you are the expert. You are the professional. You know the market and how it works, and it is your job to educate your clients on the facts. Ultimately, you want them to make the best choices and help them make the best financial moves.

Realtor scripts for buyers: have your client weigh their options

One thing I always do with clients is I present both sides and I have the client weigh their options. I clearly show the financial benefit of increased urgency, and then I reiterate their reasoning for waiting. 

It’s uncomfortable to make this kind of decision, but showing the numbers helps.

Try to advise them and push them forward. You can remind them that it is your job to help them make the best financial decision possible. 

People, in general, move away from discomfort. But, you can show them that getting uncomfortable can afford them a financial benefit, which can ultimately better their life.

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