Learn these realtor video ideas to generate more business by posting real estate videos on social media platforms and using Facebook retargeting.

Realtors looking to generate more business during this uncertain time should consider these ideas for utilizing video and social media to their advantage. I had the privilege of speaking to one of our Icenhower Coaching and Consulting clients, Shawna Bellendir, of Denver, Colorado. She had some great ideas for videos that Realtors can be sharing on social media.

VIDEO: Realtor Video Ideas for Social Media

Focus on your sphere of influence

On average, 80% of your business will come from your sphere of influence. These are the people that you know or referrals from people that you know. Focusing on your SOI will help recession-proof your business. Even during hard times, life goes on. People still need to find new homes. Divorces still happen, babies are still being born, empty-nesters are looking to downsize, jobs are moving and folks need to relocate, etc. If you stay in front of your SOI and add value, you are recession-proofing your business.

Even in lockdown and when Realtors are considered non-essential, we find a way. Realtors can generate ideas for how to create valuable videos on social media. We stay in front of our SOI and generate business. This should give many real estate agents a lot of hope that there is a way to get through this tough time.

The key: stay in front of your people

The key to getting though a recession is to stay in front of your people. This is a time where it’s dangerous to go it alone. Circle the wagons and hold your people tighter than ever. You stay in front of them and you try to add value to them and help them however you can. Stay present and don’t hide. By staying positive, you can help your people stay positive as well.

A positive message goes a long way

Find ways to remind your SOI that we will all make it through this together. Take some time out of your day to reach out to your SOI and remind them of this through your messaging. Stay positive. You’re putting them at ease and they will tell people they know about how you’re making things easier for them and helping them stress less. By simply being positive you are helping grow your SOI while serving your existing clients.

Now more than ever, people are picking up the phone. Real conversations are replacing text messages. This is a good time to be available because your people need information. If there is any kind of silver-lining to this COVID-19 crisis it may be the revival of more personal connection and communication, and valuing our relationships more.

Social media video is powerful for Realtors

Video posts via social media are proving to be one of the most valuable ideas for Realtors to use in reaching out to their SOI. Your SOI will see these videos and some may think to themselves that maybe it is time for them to buy or sell. Or they will refer a friend to you who they know is trying to buy or sell. Something about video makes this form of communication seem much more personal than other social media posts. Your people are seeing your face and they feel a closer connection with you as a result. It’s almost like seeing someone in person. You start to feel familiar with that face you are seeing in the video.

Realtor video ideas

Retargeting videos

Through the Facebook Ad Manager, you have the ability to upload email addresses from your database and direct Facebook Ads to these people. As your SOI is scrolling through their newsfeed, they will see your sponsored video ad playing in the background. Those are called retargeting videos.

They’re very inexpensive and they randomly show up, but those people are seeing it over and over again. They don’t realize that you’re doing retargeting ads to them. They just think that you are doing a really good business because they are seeing you so much. Eventually when they’re thinking of buying or selling, they will think of you.

You can also use this same concept with farming a neighborhood. If you have your farm list grouped together in your CRM, you can import that into Facebook and target certain videos to that list. This will also help you break into a farm. If you want to start farming a neighborhood with a higher price point, you can do that, too.

Realtor video ideas to keep you first in mind

It’s all about how you stay in front of your people. You need to be showing up all the time. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis, people will realize that you are still working. You can make it clear that you are ready to do business. You demonstrate that you’re here to help them. And you’re showing that you are active and prepared to help them with their real estate needs, too.

We are always talking about reaching out to your sphere of influence and using a contact plan that gives you 40 touches a year. Phone calls, emails, social media, client events, etc. Well, using retargeting ads on Facebook is a very efficient and cost effective touch for you to do as a part of your contact plan.

Content of videos

These videos do not need to be about you. They can be about your community. Make it fun and light-hearted. It can be cheesy sometimes. Listing videos go a long way, so post your listings if you’re lucky enough to have them! If you have a team, get your agents to allow you to post a listing video for them and circle prospect around it with retargeting ads.

Keep it positive. This is key, especially right now. Turn to the small businesses in your town. Highlight your front-line essential workers. Be thoughtful. You can also highlight local restaurants and start a giveaway campaign with a video about how much you love eating there and can’t wait until you can dine there again. You can structure it a number of ways, but the key is being positive and coming from contribution.

Be interactive and come from contribution

No matter what, try to make your videos interactive. The more people that interact with your videos through comments and shares, the more people will see your videos. This is the idea of how Realtors can reach more people with social media videos. By always coming from contribution, you’re adding value. Whoever watches will begin to associate you with not only real estate, but being a community leader.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up. We already went through Easter while in lockdown. We know how difficult it can be to not be able to celebrate in person with our loved ones. You can post some heartfelt messages and maybe share some personal sentiments – it will touch and inspire others. These are positive ideas of how Reators can use video to reach out to their SOI.

Remember that these things don’t need to have anything to do with your job as a real estate agent. You are working on building relationships with your people and generating positivity in the community. That’s the goal right now. Business will follow.

Realtor video ideas

Real Estate Agent Round Table Facebook group

If you are looking for a big online community to join, I’d encourage you to check out Real Estate Agent Round Table. We share a ton of social media ideas for Realtors every day. If you’re trying to brainstorm video ideas for your own social media presence, join us and check out what other Realtors are doing right now. Collaborate and share your own inspiration. There has never been a better time to be a part of a group of like-minded Realtors to help each other, and the industry as a whole, succeed.

This is a great time to get creative. Covid-19 has forced us to begin to do our business differently. Realtors must start using video on social media at a much higher level. You have an opportunity to stand out of the crowd and distinguish yourself as a Realtor. Show that you are on the forefront of these changes and the shift in our industry.

When you are active on social media, it leaves a positive impression on your people. You demonstrate that you are actually growing your relationships right now, and that you are innovating and finding new ways to be there. If you can’t be in person, video is really the next best thing.

Stay up to date on what's happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market and the coronavirus crisis.
Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market and the Coronavirus crisis.

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