Learn about the best real estate lead capture systems that top producing real estate agents and inside sales agents use to convert online leads into clients.

In today’s video, hosted by Ro Malik of Conversion Monster, I talk about the best real estate lead capture systems. You can watch the video, below, and benefit from the webinar yourself. The main takeaway? You can leverage online leads to grow and scale your business. Speed to lead matters. And accountability is key.

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VIDEO: The Best Real Estate Lead Capture Systems

Read the guidebook yourself

I wrote the book on how to create (and grow) a real estate team. It’s called The High-Performing Real Estate Team and it is the all-encompassing guidebook on achieving growth in real estate. I delve into all of this in greater detail within my book, and you get the free downloadable resources with purchase. If you’re hoping to develop the best real estate lead capture systems on your team, my book is the place to start.

best real estate lead capture systems

2-Week Assault Plan

Let’s review a few of the best real estate lead capture systems. As we discussed in our previous webinar with Conversion Monster, the first thing you do when an online lead comes in is implement the 2-Week Assault Plan.

For 10 business days, you try to make initial contact using a variety of contact methods. You can customize this plan, but it is a series of phone calls, text messages, emails, direct messages, etc. The point is to keep it varied and remain consistent in your efforts while trying to reach your online lead.

Lead Nurturing Follow-Up Campaigns

After you make initial contact, assuming you can’t meet with them right away, you then assign them to a lead category. This is another of the best real estate lead capture systems you can use on your team. You must ascertain the lead’s degree of urgency in order to categorize them for proper follow up.

At ICC, we use four categories

  • “A Leads” are hot leads that need to move within 30 days
  • “B Leads” are warm leads that are looking in 30-90 days
  • “C Leads” luke-warm leads and are 3-9 months out
  • “D Leads” are cool leads and are 9-18 months out

In your CRM, you can create these automation plans that will remind you to reach out based on the lead category. So, for example, you will be reaching out to “A Leads” with the greatest intensity and frequency.

Remember: the goal is to set the consultation appointment. Meeting in person or at least over Zoom is imperative if you are trying to convert the lead.

The real purpose of online leads

If your value proposition for your team is online leads, you need to rethink things. Nobody signs up to be a Realtor in hopes that they’ll become, essentially, a telemarketer. Online leads are great, but they are intended to supplement your business.

Remember, if you are starting a real estate team and you’re going to bring on other agents, you should have more leads than you can handle yourself. And, these leads are coming to you from your own sphere of influence (SOI).

Every Realtor wants business that comes to them. A referral-based business is the end goal.

real estate lead capture systems

Accountability for best real estate lead capture systems: the Team Dashboard

It is essential to put systems in place to keep yourself, and your agents, accountable. Using the best real estate lead capture systems that we talked about above will ensure that growth happens.

As I teach in The High-Performing Real Estate Team, every team should meet once a week and go over their Team Dashboard.

Activities to track on your team

  • SOI contacts
  • SOI growth
  • Open houses (or any other activity based indicator, or ABI)
  • Lead follow-up tasks
  • Total online lead contacts
  • Response time to first call (aka Speed to Lead)

The three bullet points in bold above are all ways to keep your agents accountable for using the best real estate lead capture systems. We mentioned these systems earlier … the 2-Week Assault Plan and the Lead Nurturing Follow-Up Campaigns. If you have every single agent record these metrics on the Team Dashboard each week, it removes a lot of excuses.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Team Dashboard Example

Creating a team dashboard for your real estate team is going to change the game for you. Download our example dashboard for a great jumping off point. Remember, a simple Excel spreadsheet can do the trick! It doesn’t need to be fancy. Fill out the form below to get your free copy.

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Lead follow-up activities

Most CRMs will provide you with ability to create action plans for leads based on category. Using the best real estate lead capture systems we provided, you can create an A, B, C, and D lead category for follow up.

This should also be tracked on your Team Dashboard to ensure the follow-up activities are being done. The goal is “0” for outstanding tasks or actions for that week. If a team member can’t keep up and isn’t doing all the required follow-up tasks for the leads they are given, they need less leads.

Most agents will cherry-pick and only work the leads that pick up on the first call. The rest of the leads? They get neglected and are ultimately wasted and likely take their business elsewhere due to lack of follow up. By implementing these best real estate lead capture systems, you create metrics by which to hold agents accountable.

The secret sauce: The Matching Standard

Arguably the most important part of the dashboard is where you record closings. Break it down into to categories: team generated and agent generated. The goal is to always stay ahead of your agent in providing more leads to them than they are brining to the team. This is called The Matching Standard.

I talk in greater detail about how to use The Matching Standard in THIS blog, but just know that this is the secret sauce. If you can maintain The Matching Standard at your team, you will unlock agent motivation and be able to display the value of being on your team.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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