Learn this real estate agent onboarding process that helps get new sales agents trained and into production quickly on real estate teams.  Many real estate teams have a difficult time with their real estate agent onboarding processes if such a process even exists.  This issue is even more pronounced when newer agents are brought onto teams.  Many teams have discovered that without proper onboarding, new agents become dependent on leads provided to them by the team and never learn to generate business themselves.  In turn, this leads to an unhealthy and dependent relationship where agents have difficulty meeting team production standardsWatch in the following video how top producing agent Robyn Graham, $25 million in annual sales volume & 100 homes sold per year, has tackled this issue by implementing a real estate agent onboarding process that teaches new agents to generate and convert leads right from the beginning.

Video – Real Estate Agent Onboarding w/ Robyn Graham

Real Estate AgReal Estate Coachent Onboarding Process – ISA & Showing Assistant Combo

First year agents spend time in the morning as an inside sales agent (ISA) where they learn to prospect for leads, follow up and nurture leads, as well as convert leads into appointments.  In the afternoons and early evenings, they act as a showing assistant for more experienced buyers agents on the team to gain experience showing a property.  After a year performing as both an ISA and a showing assistant, they are then ready to graduate to the buyers agent role. Typically, a buyers agent performs the following seven critical duties that can be trained in a new agent’s first year with this process:

  1. Prospect & Lead Generate – practice in the ISA role
  2. Follow Up and Convert Leads – practice in the ISA role
  3. Conduct Buyer Consultation Appointments – shadow experienced buyers agents
  4. Show Property – practice in the showing assistant role
  5. Write Offers to Purchase – shadow experienced buyers agents
  6. Negotiate Contracts & Counter Offers – shadow experienced buyers agents
  7. Negotiate Inspections & Appraisals – shadow experienced buyers agents & transaction coordinators

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