Realtor Leadership Training - Learn the 5 Key Components that all successful real estate teams & companies implement to grow market share and profitability. 

Realtor leadership training is an interesting topic when it comes to real estate. There are so many different ways to lead an organization. The broker owner of an organization, the team leader of a real estate team, and even the solo agent must learn leadership skills for various applications.

An organization that is not in alignment and lacks leadership skills will struggle to survive, let alone grow. And that’s true no matter what your real estate organization looks like.

It is difficult to succeed in the real estate industry unless you adopt leadership skills. This industry is full of situations that require leadership. From the independent contractor solo agent all the way up to the brokerage owners and everything in between — leadership comes into play.

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Realtor leadership training: adopt the right mindset

The best leaders succeed at the highest levels. When markets fluctuate, markets fluctuate. And when life fluctuates, it’s the leaders that pull through and continue to adopt a growth mindset.

That’s the important thing to remember. Leadership is growth. Leaders are always looking to improve and grow. 

If you’re not looking to grow, you are just circling the wagons, cutting costs, and surviving. You are adopting an anti-growth posture. You are living in scarcity, and the old adage holds true: if you’re not growing, you’re dying. 

Leadership vs. management

This is what happens when you fall out of leadership and into management. You aren’t leading, you are managing. You are maintaining the status quo. By keeping it “safe,” you are resisting change. This mindset is dangerous because it’s a slippery slope. 

Soon, you are clutching anything you can to keep from going under. 

Management is very different from leadership. Leadership involves taking people and leading them to a new location. Management involves staying in the same place. It’s all about maintaining.

If you’re not looking to grow, you are just circling the wagons, cutting costs, and surviving. You are adopting an anti-growth posture. You are living in scarcity, and the old adage holds true: if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Brian Icenhower

Stop putting out fires: Realtor leadership training 101

It is essential, as a leader, to resist running around putting out fires all day. 

Instead, you must let some fires burn and choose not to deal with them immediately. Leaders need to grow and push forward.

This means that instead of solving all of your people’s problems all day, you focus on the growth activities that will move your organization forward.

You must lead your business forward to a new location. 

This isn’t easy. And it’s even harder if you’re doing it alone. A coach can help, especially if you are a solo agent. It is so much easier to slip into a scarcity-based mindset and fall out of abundance when you don’t have anyone to keep you in check.

If you don’t have someone holding you accountable for the business generating activities, you might just stick with your busy-work customer service activities and put out fires all day instead.

Realtor leadership training
If your organization isn't growing, then it is dying. Discover Brian Icenhower's powerful and proven strategies and practices, as outlined in his best-selling book, "FIVE: Components of Organizational Growth."

Instead of solving all of your people’s problems all day, you focus on the growth activities that will move your organization forward.

Brian Icenhower

The 5 key components for Realtor leadership training

Leadership can be broken down into five key components. If you’re leading your organization, these 5 components need to be in place. I have a book called The High-Performing Real Estate Team, an Amazon bestseller that was featured as Inman News’ #2 on its “must read” list. In this book I outline these 5 key components as they relate to a high-performing team. But these concepts are not limited to teams. They really are the “5 components of a high-performing organization” because the concepts are universal.

Realtor leadership training component 1: Create a viral goal

This goal must permeate the entire organization. It can’t be a goal that only serves you. Everyone must buy in and get something out of it.

Realtor leadership training component 2: Focus on activities

You must resist being results-based. Numbers that track how many closings you’ve had year-to-date and GCI year-to-date do not serve you well because these numbers are not actionable. It’s in the past. Instead, you should focus on activities. What should you be doing every day? How many recruiting appointments should you have each week? How many contacts should you have each day? Etc.

Realtor leadership training component 3: Cultivate personal responsibility with public accountability

You know you need to do uncomfortable things every day. These activities that we are focusing on must be done to grow and succeed. Accountability is everything but it doesn’t happen on a personal level. Personal responsibility is not going to happen without some degree of public accountability. You won’t be able to just hold yourself responsible. If you, as a leader, know that your team would hold you accountable for the goals you set publicly, you will also have a better time holding your team accountable for their activities. It’s a two-way street.

Realtor leadership training component 4: Use a team dashboard

This takes accountability to the next level. This is where you can make commitments and numbers visible to everyone in the organization. Suddenly, everyone can now see on a dashboard what everyone else is actually doing.

Realtor leadership training component 5: Huddle up regularly

Tying it all together, having regular team huddles brings everyone together to push each other, celebrate successes, and track progress towards goals. Is everybody doing their job or not? These huddles do a lot for personal responsibility and public accountability, for sure. Everything is visible. 

real estate agent mindset coach
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The people who are the highest producers and most influential in this industry have failed more than you.

Brian Icenhower

How to move forward with Realtor leadership training

If you are wondering how to make your organization move forward, implement these five components. All of a sudden, you will see yourself moving toward your goal. You will start to see growth. And your management skills transform into leadership skills.

At ICC, we coach the highest-performing brokerages, teams, and agents across North America. The first thing we do with new clients is make sure that all 5 of these components are running smoothly. And, if they are missing any component, we put it in place. 

When the 5 components are in line and running, all of the sudden, you see a metamorphosis occur. The focus shifts. Positivity overtakes the negative, scarcity mindset issues, and the culture becomes productive, positive, and growth-oriented. 

The 5 components are powerful tools for making someone a successful leader.


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