The big question in the real estate industry is how do we turn people from, “Yes, I might want to do something about my property,” into a signed contract in hand? It’s really not about the persuasive strategies you use, but how you lead them choosing to work with you. What real estate scripts do is make it more likely that you win their business. 

Why use real estate scripts

When we’re new to the real estate business, it’s common not to know what to say right away. In the video below, ICC coach Brad Baldwin talks about one of his early experiences in the real estate industry. Someone wanted to list their house with him, but he was coming up with a blank on what to say next. He started babbling simply because he didn’t know the correct thing to say. 

Scripts arm you with the right questions and gain the right information from the potential client. The questions give you confidence that you are asking and saying the right things. They’ll also give your potential clients the impression you know what you are doing. Here’s why:

Tips for using real estate scripts

Just because you have a real estate script doesn’t guarantee automatic success. It can certainly help, but you must do a few things with that script to get the most out of it.

  • Find a script tailored to the purpose. A real estate cold call script is going to be different than a script used in a listing appointment.
  • Practice the script. People want to engage with people, not robots. We all know when someone is reading from a paper. Take the time, go through the script out loud, and make it sound like you. 
  • Have it in front of you. Especially when you are new to the business, and if you’re talking over the phone, have the script in front of you to remind you about the questions you’re asking. Having it there can also provide peace of mind that you’re asking the right questions to get the information you need to win them over. Eventually, as you get more experienced, the script will be more ingrained and become even more natural sounding.

If you’re not sure where you can find some purpose-built real estate scripts, we have written hundreds of scripts for all kinds of situations. Do check out our products to see all the scripts we have to offer. Remember, done right, you can win more real estate business using scripts!