Are real estate team meetings a total waste of time? Sometimes it certainly feels that way. We start thinking of all the other things we could be doing with our time…call back clients, circle prospect, et al. But meetings don’t have to be a waste of time. Power meetings have a real purpose and add value to our real estate business.

What’s the point of a team meeting?

Meetings should be about building teams. When people start to complain about others or place blame on the people they work with, it often stems back to not being on the same page or not sharing unified goals. Meetings with your real estate team bring everyone onto the same page. 

What happens without team meetings

When real estate teams don’t have a regular time to sit face-to-face and discuss the team vision, people start to lose sight of the end goal. To succeed in business, everyone must be on the same page working together towards common goals.

Teams who choose not to have meetings lack accountability towards their goals. Anyone can say, “I’m closing to close nine properties this month,” but who are you reporting to? Do they care if you’re closing nine properties a month? Or is that an arbitrary number you threw out on an evaluation to sound busy?

Meetings have the second benefit of building rapport among the team members. Real estate is a mobile business. You may not see your co-workers and admin assistants for weeks at a time if you didn’t have that regularly scheduled face time. It’s those face-to-face connections that matter in our industry. 

How to run a power meeting with your real estate team

Meeting with your real estate team doesn’t need to take a half-day or longer to accomplish real business. In this video, ICC Coach Brad Baldwin discusses how to set up productive team members that empower the team members without draining everyone’s schedule.

Power meetings don’t work unless the team has a business plan with clearly defined goals. The meeting’s purpose is to discuss the progress towards the goals and the role everyone plays to make that happen.

Meetings should have a set agenda. Don’t waste everyone’s time to discuss the nightmare transaction that just closed or what your kid did that was funny. Stick to business. Smooze later, after the meeting’s concluded, with the people that have the time.

Create a culture of support and accountability to get the most from the team meetings. It’s not about judging, but taking a realistic look at where the business stands and what everyone can do to change that. 

It takes time to build a culture that looks forward to a weekly team meeting. Set the expectation that the meeting is not a burden, but an opportunity to move everyone closer to their goals. Working together, everyone will become better at what they do and operating their real estate business.

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