All real estate agents wants more website leads, but are their websites and blogs actually set up to capture them?  Agent websites typically provide content that site visitors are looking for, but contain inadequate features to convert website leads into contact information that real estate agents can use to respond.  Before examining 7 different methods real estate agents can employ to capture website leads below, watch as Easy Agent Pro’s Tyler Zey discusses website lead capture tools in this video.

How To Capture Website Leads

real estate agentReal estate agents won’t obtain the email addresses of site visitors if their websites don’t ask for them.  Please also note that these methods do not “require” visitors to enter an email address before viewing content since users can either elect to not respond or simply click right past them.  Typically agents can expect to obtain addresses for approximately 10% of their website visitors when these features are installed.  So an agent with a website or blog that generates 100 visitors a day can expect to get 10 new email addresses to add to a database contact system daily.

1. SIDE BAR –  This commonly used widget appears in the side bar menu in a column on the left or right side of the screen.  This feature is typically static and always present as an opt-in form to allow visitors to subscribe to the site.

2. POP-UP – These boxes suddenly appear on the screen in front of website content asking for an email address in exchange for something like free content or advice. Try using SumoMe for great lead capture tools like slide-ins.

3. SLIDE-IN – Similar to a pop-up, except this plugin enables a widget to slide across the front of the screen before asking for an email address.  Slide-Ins are also great for advertising contests for prizes or a free service you might  offer.

4. HELLO BAR –  This is a lead capture bar located at the top of the screen advertising more content. Once clicked upon it asks for an email address to take the visitor to the promised content.  Use Hellobar or Sumome to install for one for free.

5. FOOTER – Similar to a Hello Bar, but this static widget appears at the bottom of the page or at the end of blog posts asking visitors to subscribe to your blog or website to receive regular content.

6. CONTENT UPGRADE –  Give away premium or additional content in exchange for a website visitor’s email address.  This feature is also ideal prior to allowing visitors to start IDX property searches.  Try using LeadPages.

7. WELCOME GATE – Ask for an email address on your website’s home page before granting access to the site.  Visitors have the ability to click right past the gate, but many enter their addresses instinctively.  This feature can also be obtained at LeadPages or for a nominal price on

real estate agentAll of these methods for capturing website leads are either free or can be purchased for a nominal one-time cost as plugins or add-ons.  Visit our friends at EasyAgentPro for help or advice on installing these features, or even for creating a new and reasonably priced agent site built to generate traffic and capture website leads.

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