Use these strategies, ideas and topics to create real estate blog content to drive more traffic to your agent website. Whether agents create their own real estate blog posts or use one of the content curation tools listed below, blog posts should merge information that people in an agent’s local area search for online with real estate related topics.  Not only will this hyper-local content drive potential clients directly to an agent’s blog or website, it will also cause search engines like Google to move the agent’s site up on search result pages when the public searches for real estate related services.  Before we look at some examples of effective real estate blog content, watch Tyler Zey of Easy Agent Pro explain the blog strategies and topics agents should use to increase website visitors in this video.

Real Estate Blog Content

The best real estate blog topics aren’t solely focused on attracting prospective home buyers and sellers.  Bloggers must be willing to give to get.  Effective content drives a larger percentage of the general public to an agent’s real estate blog or website so that the site shows up more prominently when prospective clients actually do search online for a home or REALTOR®.  So the key is for agents to create content that provides what the most people search for online and attempt to make the topic real estate related.

real estate blog ideasFor example, a Kansas City real estate agent might blog about the Top 10 Restaurants in Kansas City by  listing the restaurants, and more importantly, the specific communities or neighborhoods in which they are located.  A popular topic like this could be shared in various Kansas City social media groups and with the managers of the 10 restaurants to further promote their establishments as having received this honor.  Since looking for restaurants in a particular city online is a frequently searched topic, search engines would soon take notice of the post’s traffic and rank it higher in search results.   If the post contains numerous links, keywords and tags with the names of the various communities, the agent’s blog or website will also rank higher in search results when people search for homes in those specific neighborhoods online.

Real Estate Blog Topics

Remember that the best real estate blog posts are not necessarily about real estate.  Instead, they focus on topics that the public frequently searches for online while providing useful information that people want.  Keywords related to real estate and your local target market should subtly be weaved into the content of each post.  The following is a list of ideas for real estate blog posts.

CHECKLISTS – Provide to-do lists for moving, winterizing your home, camping in a local park, local sites to see, back-to-school, etc.

PARKS & RECREATION – Information contained on city, state and national park maps and brochures is rarely provided online.  Provide boat marina, lodging, dining, hiking trail and facilities information and links for specific local parks and outdoor destinations.

STATISTICS –  Which school districts have the best test scores, list average income per neighborhood, local college rankings, and of course housing and real estate trends.

FEATURED NEIGHBORHOOD –  Blog about the amenities of a specific neighborhood.  Shoot photos and/or video of the community’s schools, walking trails, parks, local shopping, pools and nicest homes.

HOW TO – Provide very simple instructional information like how to make your home more energy efficient, how to start a garden, how to chose a local fitness center or how to search for a home online.

TOP RANKED LISTS – Make ranked lists of everything in your local community: different categories of restaurants, attractions, parks, lunch spots, professional services, schools, colleges, weekend destinations, fall festivals, etc.  Everyone wants to make a Top 10 list, and when they make yours they will share it with everyone.

INSPIRATIONAL –  Some of the most popular content on social media.  Use famous quotes, photos, memes, interviews or stories to lift people up.

HOLIDAY – Combine any of the blog topics on this list with a seasonal theme.  Some examples include: how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, the best neighborhoods for Christmas lights, where to buy 4th of July Fireworks, the top 10 neighborhoods for trick-or-treating on Halloween, or the best taverns for celebrating on St. Patricks Day.

FAMOUS QUOTES – Often similar to inspirational posts, bloggers can also string together multiple quotes by influential people about a similar idea, event or topic in a single post. Photos, memes and stories are great for these too.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT –  Provide lists of upcoming events in your city like musical concerts, live entertainment, sports events, festivals, art shows/fairs, running events and museum exhibits.

BUSINESS PROMOTION – Promote a local business, home builder or preferred vendor.  They will likely share it online heavily and try to return the favor by referring you to people they know buying and selling real estate.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE – Write a regular profile piece on different influential civic, community and business leaders in your local area by interviewing them. This is great for relationship building too.

CONTESTS – Post about a drawing for a gift card for people who subscribe to your blog or like your Facebook page.  Contests provide the opportunity to create a series of posts with “contest updates,” “last chance to enter” and “contest results” posts.

REVIEWS – Provide either critical or promotional reviews of local businesses, services or events like concerts, live entertainment, festivals, art shows, fairs, weekend destinations and non-profit events.

Content Curation for Real Estate Blogs

real estate blog ideasFor agents that do not have the time or passion to create original content for their real estate blog posts, content curation is a great alternative.  Real estate agents that curate content find related content on other sites and redistribute it on their own real estate blog or website.  An agent that curates content can even add additional comments and information to the new post. It is always important to note the source of the original content and to only use smaller excerpts of the original piece.  Posts that re-distribute an entire post verbatim will likely adversely affect search engine rankings. The following is a list of content marketing tools for agents to use to help them locate, organize and post real estate relevant content specific to their target audience.

real estate blog ideasSTORIFY – This social network service allows users to collect and publish content from multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Storify enables users to drag posts, video and images that they find into their “story,” where they can reorganize it all into a single blog post and add commentary to it.

real estate blog contentBAG THE WEB – This content curation networking service helps locate, create and share “bags” of web content on specific topics.  Bag The Web allows users to build networks of bags that can be linked together to combine topics for more specific and relevant content.

real estate content marketingLISTLY – Blog posts that feature lists and rankings are highly popular, and Listly makes this very easy.  This powerful and easy-to-use tool enables users to make amazing lists by pulling images and text from numerous relevant sources while keeping it organized for your blog posts.

real estate blog ideasCURATION TRAFFIC – This WordPress plugin permits users to collect any type of content: videos, infographics, articles, posts and images.  Although this system only works with WordPress sites and blogs, it is a great tool that allows the freedom for content to be organized and shared in just about any way desired.

real estate blog contentSCOOP.IT – This is a great platform for discovering and sharing content pertaining to specific niche topics through a variety of sources by simply providing relevant key words or even just entering the URL of the content you want. then delivers a constant feed of the types of information that your audience is looking for to your channels.

content curationREBEL MOUSE – Similar to WordPress in many ways, this vast platform allows users to create a blog in minutes by registering for an account and connecting all of their social media accounts to it.  After your profile is built and Rebel Mouse knows what types of content you’re after, it gathers a large spectrum of online content relevant to your individual interests.

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