To stand on top of the competitive world of real estate, you’ve got to deliver on the listing presentation. 

When the market is good, you don’t necessarily need someone skilled in real estate to get a property sold. The truth comes out in a market turn-down. The people who really know how to land clients are the ones who thrive and survive. 

That starts with the listing presentation. Let’s break down the three-step process behind winning presentations.

The point of a listing presentation

The goal of a listing presentation is to convert that person to a client. To do that, you’ve got to inspire confidence in the seller. Start by prequalifying the seller before the appointment. Send them information about what you do to sell homes and the market. Reassure them their home can sell, no matter what the market conditions or price point. Be armed with strategies that prove you know how to make that happen.

What not to do in a listing presentation

During the presentation, it’s tempting to focus on educating the client. We do want to provide value and information to our clients, but not every client needs that same background information. 

Ask the prospect lots of questions. Get to know more than their selling needs. What’s their history in real estate? How has it gone before?

Don’t talk over the client. Really listen to what they have to say. 

Most importantly, don’t take a cut on commission to win business. Your services are worth every dime, and you’ll prove it when you list their house.

The real estate agent that takes the most listings is the one who will cultivate longevity in our industry. Master the listing presentation and build a strong business. 

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