If your business isn’t growing then it’s dying. To attract agents to your real estate team or brokerage, you must evidence your ability to increase their productivity and help them sell more real estate.

In his most important work to date, veteran coach and real estate consultant, Brian Icenhower, shares the systems and strategies he used to build some of the fastest growing real estate companies in the United States.

Recruiting is the single most valuable skillset in real estate and the linchpin of all successful real estate businesses. To exponentially and sustainably increase the net profit of your real estate business, it is essential that you operate a committed and systematic recruitment practice.  

From sourcing recruits and recruiting with technology to setting, conducting, and closing recruiting appointments, this exhaustive book provides invaluable insights and practical instruction for creating a production-centric growth environment that attracts agents to your real estate team or brokerage.

With our consultative approach, recruiters guide agents to a place where they self-discover that the best way to sell more real estate, become more successful, and increase their net income is by joining your team or company.

Nothing increases profitability like an increase in agent count. Most real estate agents move companies multiple times in their career, so the odds are high that it’s going to happen sooner or later. This book will make sure that YOU are the first person they think of when it does.

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  • This Product Includes

  • Dashboards and scoreboards to track progress
  • Calendars to keep your organized
  • Daily plans & graphic organizers
  • Scripts, scripts, and more scripts
  • Objection handlers and other materials
  • + So Much More