Use these real estate blog examples and content for Realtors to implement with their agent websites to increase site traffic and generate more real estate leads.

Today, we are going to show you some real estate blog examples and teach you how to use your blog to take your business to the next level. Many high-performing real estate agents credit real estate blogging as a big part of their success. Icenhower Coaching and Consulting has a blog, too — The Real Estate Trainer blog — and we have over 100,000 subscribers. In fact, you’re reading our blog right now! Let’s start out by discussing why blogs are helpful in generating more traffic to your website.

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The spider web analogy

Your blog is the center of the spider web when it comes to online content marketing for a real estate agent. When you hear about agents marketing on social media, through emails, or on any other online platform, these are the distribution channels. But if you look closer, you’ll see that the blog is where the content is created to be shared across these channels. 

Once you create the content on your blog and push it out to various distribution channels, it’s job is to attract potential clients to click. They will suddenly find themselves on your blog to learn more, or to download something of value that you are offering. 

The longer a visitor stays on your website to read your blog or click around to learn more, the more Google takes notice. Google keeps record of how much attention your blog gets and how long people spend on your website. The more attention your blog gets, the more Google will push up your website in the search results. The next time someone searches in Google for search criteria related to your blog and keywords that you use, you have a greater chance of showing up closer to the top of the search results. 

Blogs direct traffic to your website

In this day and age, it is very hard to get any large number of people to organically click on a link to your website. Unless you have a blog with valuable content to attract them, it is just unheard of.

Real estate agent websites are quickly becoming a thing of the past … that is, unless you blog. High-producing agents and teams blog at a very high level. Today we will talk about some real estate blog examples to help get you started.

Two ways to generate business

In general, there are two ways to generate business in real estate. Uncomfortable activities, and spending money. As much as these are not fun choices, if you do either of these things, you will get more business. 

Blogging is an activity-based method of attracting business. It doesn’t take a lot of money to blog. You need to be able to create content that attracts the attention of your potential clients.

If you click around on our blog on, you’ll see we give away content for free to anyone that visits. Our target audience is real estate agents, so we provide scripts, business plans, and other valuable content that is free to download. And, while a real estate agent is browsing our site for something they want to download, they may stumble on some information about our real estate coaching company. Our contact information is easy to find, and because the real estate agent is getting valuable content from us, they may feel more inclined to reach out to us for more information on the services we offer.

Abundance-based mindset

You need to operate from an abundance-based mindset. You need to give things away for free. This is how good content marketing works! If you are afraid to spend money and give away valuable content for free, you are operating from a scarcity-based mindset. And that mindset does not attract business. 

Now, you aren’t giving everything away. You are giving away a little taste. You want your potential client to like what they taste, and ask for more. If they like what they get, they are going to be hooked. They will be more likely to invest in what you’re selling.

This is not traditional marketing. Traditional marketing just says, “Hey, look at me! You’ll love me if you buy me.” That’s just an advertisement and you are hoping that they trust your ad enough to invest in you. Content marketing says, “Hey, why don’t you take this for a test drive. Here’s a piece you can keep for free. If you like it, we’ll sell the rest to you.” 

Remember, we are coming from contribution. We are adding value. We are trying to give our audience something of value that they want.

real estate blog examples

Real estate blog examples and ideas: Promote local businesses

When it comes to real estate blog examples and ideas, you can’t go wrong when it comes to promoting local businesses. The more you promote local businesses, the more you are creating a win-win situation for your blog. Not only are you providing value to your potential clients that read your blogs with helpful tips and information about their community, but you are also promoting local businesses and helping them out. This will build great relationships for you throughout the community, and you don’t even need to sell yourself as a Realtor. 

You will become well known and respected for highlighting local businesses, which will in turn generate more business for you! It also opens up the opportunity for your blog posts to be shared on a higher level than if you were only blogging about real estate topics. And, you won’t be seen as constantly pushing out self-promoting content. For example, if you created a blog about the best barbeque joint in town, chances are, the business owner will repost your blog to their social media channels because it is free publicity for them! By doing so, more people are seeing your name.

Real estate blog title examples

“Everything you need to know about the LOCATION lifestyle”

“LOCATION Housing Market Update – 2021 Statistics & Forecast”

“Living in LOCATION – the Best Neighborhoods in LOCATION”

“Free Back-to-School Resources for LOCATION Parents and Students”

“November Community Events for LOCATION”

“The Best Restaurants for a Date Night in LOCATION”

“Things to do in LOCATION”

“Childcare in LOCATION”

“LOCATION Real Estate Curb Appeal”

“5 Things to Know Before Moving to LOCATION”

What increases the SEO for a blog?

  • YouTube videos embedded. Google likes when you use YouTube videos because guess what? Google owns YouTube.
  • Keywords in URL, title, subtitle, and throughout the body.
  • A few good images that are named with your keywords.
  • Total word count needs to be right. Usually 500+ words is the sweet spot.
  • Paragraphs need to be a certain length. Less than 300 words is optimal.
  • Internal (other blog posts on your website) and external links (other popular websites).
  • Give away content for free. Provide valuable content that is available for download.

How to pick keywords

Use the Google search bar method! Go to Google and type in your location. Google will autofill and show you the most popular searches in order based on popularity. If you type in “LOCATION real estate,” for these keywords, you will be competing with Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, etc. It will be very hard for you to get ahead of these heavy hitters in this search result. So, avoid using broad keywords. Instead, get more hyper-local. Use the name of a neighborhood or smaller community instead of a large city. 

This Google search bar method helps you see how much competition you will have for that keyword search. If you use hyper-local keywords in your blog, you are more likely to come up for these hyper-local searches with lower competition.

Another great tool for you to use? The Google Keyword Planner is a free resource that Google Ads provides that will show you the popularity of certain keywords. 

Build your content bank; use these real estate blog examples to get started

Remember, the process of building your blog takes time. Use these real estate blog examples to get a start. You are adding to your content bank with each blog post, but you won’t have a huge, robust, successful blog overnight. It will take months and months of consistent posts to start to see traffic. If the blog lives on your website, you are only adding to the traffic you may already have, and it will only help your SEO to increase. Longevity matters when it comes to blogs because it takes a long time to gain established viewership. And, the more content you add, the more opportunities you are making for yourself to gain new website visitors. 

The job of a Realtor is to be a pillar in the community. This makes it easy for you to come up with valuable content to offer on your blog. Get creative with this and have fun!

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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