We reveal the best real estate agent websites for Realtors to use for lead generation, lead conversion, geographic farming, and more!

When it comes to real estate agent websites, our ICC coaches always get the same question. Which website company should I use? Before we dive into our top recommendations for websites, we are going to break down the different types of websites, and why that matters.

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Seller websites vs buyer websites

You can generally categorize real estate agent websites into two different types. There are seller websites and buyer websites. Almost every real estate agent’s website is one or the other, and most don’t even understand why, or what kind of website they have. 

Seller websites are targeted toward sellers of homes, or listings. Buyer websites are targeted toward buyers. So which one do you think is most important to have? Believe it or not, the buyer website is more important. Yes, it’s a good idea to have both, and we teach all our coaching clients to have both. That being said, a buyer website is more important than a seller website. 

Seller websites are for lead conversion

Most people do not go online to look for a listing agent. They go with someone they already know. (This is where your sphere of influence comes into play and becomes so important.) Or, people will go with someone who is farming their neighborhood and is considered to be the local expert. If they do go online, they usually run into Google Local Services Ads and they stop right there before they ever make it to your website. A seller website is for conversion, not lead generation. 

A seller website converts leads much like a Facebook Business Page does. No one is going to accidentally stumble on your website if they are looking for a listing agent. The only way they will find it is if they already know who you are. They, as a lead, were already generated … your website is converting them. Leads that are already in your pipeline or already know who you are will go to your website to check you out and make sure they really like you before they ask you to list their home.

Understanding the difference between lead conversion and lead generation is one of the most important steps toward success that you can make as a real estate agent. The agents that spend the most time (and money) trying to generate leads are the ones that make the most money.

Buyer websites are for lead generation

A buyer website is designed to generate leads. As I told you with sellers, sellers are looking for an agent. What are buyers looking for? Are they looking for agents? Nope. They are looking for houses. In this way, a buyer website is marketing houses and a seller website is marketing you. 

People do browse for houses online. You can generate leads from a buyer website for this reason. Buyer websites are often called “lead generation” websites. These real estate agent websites are designed to be a portal for potential buyers to search for homes.

When someone starts their home search, they like to search on their own for a while first before getting a real estate agent to help them. People want to be able to search online and call the agent when they need to get inside and actually see the house, or if they have any questions. As a result, it is important for Realtors to have a lead generation website (buyer website) that looks something like Zillow. 

real estate agent websites

What should I include on real estate agent websites landing pages?

Here are the features of successful real estate agent websites landing pages, on both the seller and buyer side.

Seller websites for real estate agents

  • Built around lead conversion
  • Branded around the agent, includes agent bio
  • Makes the agent look good and includes stats about how much the agent sells
  • Examples of marketing and successful listings
  • Team members can be included
  • Message: “Let me sell your home!”
  • Includes contact form and contact information
  • Optional: Gives a small callout so that if any buyers stumbled here, they could search for homes, too

Buyer websites for real estate agents

  • Built around lead generation
  • Branded, but not around the agent
  • Provides an easy to use search bar, front and center
  • You can click around to learn more about the agent or team
  • Message: “Let me help you find your future home, when you’re ready!”
  • For farming, you can create landing pages for specific neighborhoods

Think about SEO: Use the name of the community or neighborhood over, and over, and over again for optimal SEO. When someone types in “LOCATION homes for sale,” you want your buyer website to pop up first in the search results. This is why you should make specific landing pages for different neighborhoods and communities that you farm! Tie it in with your farming emails that also include the name of your farm and you will quickly become viewed as the local expert. Top farmers will have multiple landing pages for their farms and they maximize their SEO to dominate their farm.

Examples of good buyer websites from our clients

Robyn Icenhower: https://www.robynicenhowerproperties.com/

Jenny Burkhead: https://jennyburkheadgroup.com/

Jake Rockwell: https://www.rockwellrealestate.com/

Dani Beyer: https://danibeyer.com/

The Wolek Group: https://www.thewolekgroup.com/

real estate agent websites

So, which real estate agent websites are the best?

One of the most common questions I get is, “What website company is the best?” It’s very hard to answer that question until you understand everything that we just covered. So, now that we’ve discussed the difference between a seller website and a buyer website, as well as what makes a good website landing page, let’s dive in.

Seller website companies

“What seller-side website company is the best?” When it comes to seller websites that I recommend, there are two companies that stand out. Note that I am not affiliated with either of these companies.

Buyer websites companies

“What buyer-side website company is the best?” This question is more complex because it involves your CRM choice as well. It can be nice to link real estate agent websites to a good quality CRM. I will break these CRM/website companies down into three tiers based on cost, and give you my favorites for each tier.

TOP TIER (cost starts at 1,000 but most successful teams spend closer to 3,000)

These are the most expensive, most robust CRM companies that provide a robust, well-designed website built for large teams. These companies are not going to be a good fit for solo agents.

SECOND TIER (cost 500+)

This second tier of CRM/website companies is less expensive, but will still provide you with great features from a CRM standpoint.

THIRD TIER (cost less than 500)

Finally, this lowest tier works well for solo agents because the expense is the lowest. More simple, but good quality for the price.

Buyer website with no CRM for real estate agents

There are some website companies that don’t have a CRM included. These are straight buyer side websites that some agents use at a very high level. One example of a website company without a CRM is Easy Agent Pro.

Remember, buyer side websites are designed for lead generation. These are not real estate agent websites to market to your sphere of influence! They are designed to generate new online leads!

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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