Use these real estate love letter templates and ideas to help ensure that your buyers’ offers are accepted by sellers in multiple offer situations.

What is a real estate love letter? It is a tactic that many agents use to help their buyers stand out among multiple offers. These love letters are written to appeal to the seller to accept their offer. Beyond a well-written love letter, real estate agents are now providing the option of a real estate love letter video. Welcome to 2020, am I right?! In this blog, you’ll find an example of both — a love letter video, and a traditional written love letter.

Disclaimer: Using protected characteristics as a basis to accept or reject an offer, as opposed to price and terms, would violate the Fair Housing Act.

VIDEO: Real Estate Love Letter Template

How to write a real estate love letter

We’ll break it down for you in parts. There is a formula to this sort of thing. Along with that, you will also find a free download of this helpful template at the end of this blog. Of course, your love letter may be completely different in format, flow, and content. This is a template for folks who don’t know where to start. Feel free to go your own way and have fun with it!

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real estate love letter
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1. The introduction

In the introduction, express your sincere interest. Talk about why you are moving and where you are moving from. Is your family growing? Are you moving for a new job opportunity? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live in this neighborhood. These details are good here.

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Dear Sellers of 123 Apple Street,

We cannot express to you how much we love your home. It is easy to see the love and care you put into making this house so special, so warm, and so inviting. We see this as our forever home.

Right now, we are living in a small home in Santa Margarita. As we hope to grow our family in the coming years, we have been on the hunt for a house that gives us space to add an additional babe (or two).

2. The body

In the body of your real estate love letter, talk about your family. Be specific — why will certain members of your family love certain aspects of this house? Why is it absolutely perfect for you? If you have pets, how will they love this place? Mention special features of the home. Try to avoid saying vague things that could apply to any house. You want to demonstrate that you have noticed all the “little” things and that you truly appreciate this specific home.

We have a 20-month-old son – Jimmy. He is a wild, fun, curious boy and we can see him spending so much time in this fantastic backyard. Family barbecues, game nights, birthday parties … we can picture having these special moments here. 

Inside this house, we love the layout. It is so bright and inviting! Our cats Bubba and Mr. Cat will love basking in all the natural light. We can see our Christmas mornings by that gorgeous fireplace (swoon!), cooking meals in the beautifully designed kitchen (Jane enjoys cooking), and each bedroom is ready to be a cozy retreat for each member of our family (present and future).

The loft upstairs will be perfect as an art studio (John is an artist and wine steward at Tooth and Nail winery in Paso). It will also serve as a great office space (Jane works from home and has been looking for a space like this to work).


real estate love letter
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3. The conclusion

Wrap up your real estate love letter with a simple conclusion, thanking the sellers for their time and consideration. You can reiterate a specific aspect of the home that you love, or use a few descriptive words in summary of the house. This example love letter was written during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that is briefly reflected here in the conclusion.

We hope that in the midst of this uncertain time that you are staying healthy and safe, and we wish nothing but the best for your next chapter. Thanks for considering us as the new owners of this warm, beautiful home.

With sincere thanks,
The Smiths
(Jane, John, and Jimmy)

4. The photos

Okay, time to pull on some heartstrings. If you like (it’s a personal choice), you may include some photographs at the end of your real estate love letter. Got a baby? Include a precious “awwww”-inducing photo. If you just got married, include a wedding snapshot. Fur babies? Yep, them too. Anything to help the seller put a face to your name is going to make them think about you differently. All of the sudden, they can visualize your story and they can connect more with you.

Remember, do not include more than three small photos. Resist the urge to go crazy and send them your entire wedding album or make a giant collage with every important person in your life. Please, keep it simple.

real estate love letter

Download this example real estate love letter

Sometimes it is helpful to have a template to get the ball rolling. You can download this love letter template below:

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.