An increasing number of agents are implementing real estate mobile marketing strategies to generate more business and provide better service to their existing clients.  Learn how real estate agents are using text messages with mobile marketing campaigns to enhance their client database contact systems with standard SMS text marketing to people in their client databases.  The many reasons for this trend are compelling.   While the average email sent in a real estate agent’s email campaign is opened less than 10% of the time, text messages are read 97% of the time with 90% being read within the first 3 minutes of their receipt.  These increased conversion rates allow real estate agents to increase communication contacts with the people they know without spamming them with such a high number of emails that can be annoying to recipients.  Remember that one of the keys to a successful annual database contact plan is for agents to diversify the mediums by which they contact the people in their database.  Real estate mobile marketing is a highly effective way to supplement regular phone calls, emails and mailings to an agent’s center of influence (COI) to stay first of mind.  Watch as Evan Esnard of Ovation Mobile reveals how agents are using real estate mobile marketing to grow their businesses in this video.

How Real Estate Mobile Marketing Works

Because mobile phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T are heavily regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), recipients of text messages must first “opt-in” to receive mobile marketing text messages.  Consequently, real estate mobile marketing campaigns are permission based and provide a much higher conversion rate for consumers engagement.  Since text recipients voluntarily opt-in to receive these texts, they are more more inclined to receive them favorably.  For example, Ovation Mobile’s Real Estate Marketing Platform also integrates with most major customer relationship managers (CRMs) and email service providers like Mail Chimp or Aweber.  So agents just send emails to members of their databases with invitations to opt-in to receive special benefits, coupons and other communications via SMS text messages.

Real Estate Mobile Marketing Strategies

Once text recipients have opted-in and given their permission to receive text communications, the key to fostering the relationship through a real estate mobile marketing campaign is to come from contribution by giving something of value in each text message.  Repeatedly asking for business or advertising open houses and properties for sale alone will put people off after a while.  Agents must adopt a marketing campaign with “give to get” as the central theme.  The following are some examples of how agents can add value through their real estate mobile marketing text communications:

  • Agent Mobile App Invitation – Invite recipients to download your mobile app by clicking on a link in the text message so that they can easily search for property on their mobile phone.
  • Happy Birthday & Anniversary – Automatically wish members of your database happy birthday or anniversary via text message on pre-determined dates.
  • Send Holiday Greetings – Wish pre-specified groups of people a Merry Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other desired holiday to spread joy and promote further engagement.
  • E-Flyers – Promote new listings, open houses or client appreciation events with digital flyers via text message.
  • Mobile Coupons – Collaborate with local businesses to build client referral partnerships by providing digital coupons for these businesses to members of your database.


mobile marketing real estateTo learn more facts and strategies about real estate mobile marketing, please check out Ovation Mobile’s 50 Essential Mobile Marketing Facts.

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