Implement these real estate team delegation scripts and methods to help lead agents transition the majority of client communication to administrative assistants and buyers agents.  Letting go of important duties and tasks associated with the home buying and selling process to other members of a real estate team is often much easier said than done.  Especially when it comes to communicating with the lead agent’s clients.  Leaders of real estate teams do not want their clients mishandled, nor do they want clients feeling as though they are simply being handed off to someone else.  So it is important to use effective real estate team delegation methods to overcome these concerns and ensure that clients are receiving the representation that they expect.  Before examining some real estate team delegation scripts below, watch as Brian Icenhower explains some important real estate team delegation techniques in this video.

Real Estate Team Delegation Scripts

Transition Clients to Administrative Assistant Script

“I have an administrative assistant named (Assistant’s Name) who helps me provide the highest level of customer service to my clients.  In fact, think of him/her as my Client Care Coordinator that is dedicated to your needs throughout the entire process.  He/she is also available by phone or email while I am out locating, marketing and negotiating the sale of property.  I am sure you will just love him/her, it seems that all of my other clients like him/her more than me! (jokingly)  He/she will be reaching out to you soon to take care of some preliminary details.  Does that sound good?”

Transition Clients to Buyers Agent Script

“I’d like to have you work with my buyers agent (Buyers Agent’s Name) that works only for me to help show you some homes.  We work together as a team to provide you better service by being more attentive to your needs.  Since his/her sole responsibility is dedicated to finding you the home you’re looking for, he/she has much greater flexibility to get you into as many properties as you would like to see at the times that work best for you.  Since I will still be actively involved in the transaction and negotiations once you find a home to buy, it will be like getting two agents for the price of one.  You can also always reach out to me with anything throughout the process too.  Does that sound good to you?”

Script for Administrative Assistant to Return Messages Left by Clients for Lead Agent

“Hi this is (Assistant’s Name), and I was calling because (Lead Agent’s Name) is currently tied up with clients and he/she wanted me to get back to you quickly.  Is there something I can help you with in the meantime? (. . wait for reply . .)  In fact, you should always feel free to call me directly since it’s my job to be dedicated to your needs throughout the process.  Since (Lead Agent’s Name) is typically out locating and marketing homes for sale, he/she typically calls me right after speaking to clients to have me do the same thing anyway!  You see I’m the real brains of the operation! (jokingly)  In all seriousness, don’t ever hesitate to just call me directly since I am sitting by the phone and computer all day long just to help you.  Sound good?” 

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