Learn how solo agents increase production while getting more personal life balance by transitioning into real estate teams.  Many successful real estate agents get trapped in limiting business models where the only way to take on more clients is to sacrifice customer service and personal time.   As a result, solo agents often unknowingly place a lid on their total annual production levels by halting any activities to generate new clients due to their already heavy workload.  This results in agents receiving business only when it comes their way by default rather than consistently performing lead generation activities to develop new clients.  So they lose control over when they are busy.  Solo agents that have stopped trying to get business experience huge seasonal gaps in production where they have little business in the Winter months and are absolutely overwhelmed through the Spring and Summer.  Over time, this real estate roller coaster frequently causes a high level of burnout and frustration from working long nights and weekends to keep income levels up during the beautiful months when they would rather be spending some time with their family and friends.

From Solo Agent to Real Estate Team

Conversely, solo agents that have made the transition to real estate teams find that they have more time and resources to systematically lead generate for new business throughout the year to keep production levels steady and predictable.  They also find that they have much more personal time to enjoy a balanced life while providing a much higher level of customer service to their clients.  Watch our panel of high producing lead agents of successful real estate teams discuss their paths from solo agents to teams in this video.

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